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  1. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    I remember when I was a novice and gave Flint pomegranate in his cage for the first time. The cage sat in front of some white curtains.......lesson well and truly learnt - looked like somebody had been massacred! I'm not sure I've given them raspberries....Malc doesnt like them so I tend not to...
  2. Lesley

    Hi From Dumbarton

    Welcome Harry - congratulations!! So have you got names for them yet??
  3. Lesley

    I Love My Vet!

    Good news :-D
  4. Lesley

    We Like To Play Together

    Aww they are lovely :-D
  5. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    Hmm, I agree, but I absolutely don't enjoy trying to clean dried carrot off white walls - there is no pleasure in that lol
  6. Lesley


    Malcolm sent me this, made me chuckle!
  7. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    ps Karen, I might be back in Lanzarote in May next year - will keep you posted if we are - hopefully can come and say hello :-D
  8. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    Nah, they don't really throw them. They are both old men though - I reckon for periods in their lives they haven't had great food so they really love their food bowls. Saying that, on occassion (particularly when I'm doing something they don't like e.g. cleaning up) both with express rage by...
  9. Lesley


    Oh dear :-/ I havent run out before. But I reckon I have enough food in the house that they can eat anyway. They'd think all their Christmasses had come at once!
  10. Lesley

    It's Bigger Than I Thought Lol

    Thats a beauty :-D I'd leave them in, you'd soon hear any kind of disagreement in the night. Start as you mean to go on?
  11. Lesley

    Bobbie And Pea....

    Oh I love the colour of the little blue guy, but the footie skills of the green one are superior! Lovely video :-D
  12. Lesley

    Cooper Today.....

    Lovely little guy :-D There is a rescue type aviary in Zug and there was a grey and a Caique in the outside par the last time I was there, the little caique was letting me scratch his head - super friendly little guy - I totally fell in love! I managed to get the grey to do a little head...
  13. Lesley


    Julie I'd love to visit again! This time I really don't have a spare minute but I might just manage to pop in over Christmas as we are back for two weeks then :-D
  14. Lesley

    Another Scarletts Haul

    Lovely little haul :-D I'm taking an empty suitcase back this weekend for the little load I ordered last week - cant wait!
  15. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    That's a daily mess, it doesn't capture Kipp's ability to clean his beak on every available surface either - honestly!
  16. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    Flint is standing there because before I go to bed I always put down a spoonful of seed, just so they have food first thing in the morning as it stops Kipp from shrieking! He heard me get the seed bowl just before I decided to take a picture - Flint is a seed addict, I have to be careful that...
  17. Lesley

    Meet Our New Baby, Joey! (Here We Go Again!)

    He is just lovely :-D Congratulations!
  18. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    judging by the mess and empty bowls anyway!
  19. Lesley

    Lorro Parque Done And Dusted

    Oh wow! LOVE seeing Hyacinth Macaws, immense birds - so impressive!
  20. Lesley


    Oh Liz that's lovely you are off to see your niece - enjoy the cuddles!! Im just getting packed up for flying to Manchester tomorrow, visiting some friends then travelling up to Glasgow to do bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday - should be fun :-D Hope you get the boiler fixed soon Julie :-/
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