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  1. Lesley


    Malcolm sent me this, made me chuckle!
  2. Lesley

    I Think They Enjoyed Their Dinner..

    judging by the mess and empty bowls anyway!
  3. Lesley

    Hammer Handles

    I have the cage top play stand that came with my Montana cages, Flint a Kipp spend a fair amount of time on it and recently I noticed Kipp Sleeping on the metal curved ends at night. I wasn't convinced that was great for his feet so today I picked up a couple of wooden hammer handles from the...
  4. Lesley

    Hello Hello

    It's been a while, general time management ineptitude on my side :-D, but anyway thought I'd pop in and say hello! Life seems to be good for Flint and Kipp. They spend the minimum time possible in their cages - only when I'm at work now. The seem really happy for it and have claimed the hallway...
  5. Lesley

    This Morning With Flint And Kipp 'Wellllll'!
  6. Lesley

    Stupid Me

    I keep my dishtowels in a drawel in the hall where Kipp and Flint play. They don't like me going into the drawers and cupboards there when they are out. Stupidly I thought I could manage to quickly put away one clean dishtowel without too much fuss. So, quickly opened drawer, Flint was on it...
  7. Lesley

    We Are Still Alive!

    Hi Everyone, Haven't been on here much recently as work has been horrendous! Hopefully I'll be able to find the time now :-) Hope you all and your birds are doing well - I'm looking forward to catching up! Flint and Kipp are on great form. I've started letting them sleep out of their cages...
  8. Lesley

    Grumpy Old Flint

    Think it's that time of year again, the last few weeks Flint has been really tetchy. His feathers seem to be really annoying him, he won't step onto my hand in the mornings, he bit Malc and would really like to bite me if I gave him half a chance! He is just constantly preening it seems so he...
  9. Lesley

    There Is Something Wrong With Flint's Eye

    This morning I noticed one of Flint's eyes isn't quite right. He was closing it, more that the other eye but not necessarily keeping it fully closed. Also the area just behind the eye is a bit swollen. It doesn't look red and I can't see any signs of a scratch or something external that has...
  10. Lesley

    Where Is He?

    The usual, me talking, birds mute:
  11. Lesley

    I Am Comfy....

    doesn't look too comfy to me!
  12. Lesley

    Lab Results Flint And Kipp

    The idea, for each chemical is that the measured level- first number is between the next two numbers. Exclamation marks show a low or a high value. Kipp last year: Kipp this year: Flint last year, and year before: Flint this year:
  13. Lesley

    Blood Results

    Had a voice mail from the vet, just saying that the blood results were fine. He said Kipp's liver enzyme measure was a bit high last year but is down now. Some of his other measures are maybe on the low side but nothing to worry about. He is going to email the results, I'll post them when he...
  14. Lesley

    Today's Vet Visit

    All went well :-) Weng in their travel cages really nicely ( I felt guilty that I was taking them to the vet!) Both cages fitted in back seat of car- was close tho! Flint went first, the usual scream when the vet had to catch/towel him and get him anathematised. His weight was 405g, 15g...
  15. Lesley

    Flint And Kipp 'Chatting'

    Mainly Flint, some lasers and a cat. It's generally what happens when we try to watch TV! Excuse my crazy hair please, it makes a brief appearance!
  16. Lesley

    Birthdays For The Boys

    It's one year since we got Kipp (I didn't note the date but it was beginning of May). Anyway, am treating the 1st May as both their birthdays. So Flint is now 17 and Kipp is 11.  Can't believe it has been a year! They are off to the vets on Saturday for the annual check up (Happy birthday...
  17. Lesley

    The Portable Parrot Training Perch

    I got this from Scarlett's recently. Kipp really bites at the towel on my arm and Flint has been copying him and now likes to attack the towelled arm by running out from under his unit when I go to get him (except at bedtime when he is a bit nicer, he is also nicer with Malc). Thought I'd post...
  18. Lesley

    More Cakes

    I was meant to iron today, but somehow making cakes and using up the leftover 'Batman' icing was more appealing!
  19. Lesley

    The Greater Spotted Woodpecker

    Finally (for Bob!) I managed to get a photo of the woodpecker who visits our birdhouse :-) I think he is an adult male. Hopefully he isn't making holes in the birdhouse!
  20. Lesley


    Was Malc's birthday last week and I made him a Batman cake ( he is 37!). Turned out quite well ( if I do say so myself lol!), but was very yellow!
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