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  1. Tonifrax

    Perch potatoes

    Hi, After installing a new UV light for my parrotlets they were very active for quite a few days, more so than before, but now they've gone back to being perch potatoes. I leave their cage door open all day but they just sit together on their perch doing nothing. They come down to eat and...
  2. Tonifrax

    Work with birds?

    Hi, Does anyone on here have a job that involves working with birds? Ive been a Chef for the past 5 years. I love it but its 12+ hour shifts, no breaks and a lot of stress. It became my whole life and without it I initially felt lost but I do not feel happy living that way anymore. I love my...
  3. Tonifrax

    Leggy birds 😜

  4. Tonifrax

    Cotton or sisal

    Hi, I was going to make another playstand for my birds that I can hang from the ceiling and I was just wondering if I would be better using cotton or sisal to hang it? 🤔 Thanks 😊
  5. Tonifrax

    Aint that the truth 😂

  6. Tonifrax

    Try not to laugh

  7. Tonifrax

    Parrotlets... Underrated?

    Was sitting watching TV yesterday for a bit with these guys flying around. They decided to land on the floor and they always wander over to the cupboard door and stand staring at it for ages even though theres nothing in it 🤔 Anyway I thought this was pretty funny. Pan (green) flies up onto the...
  8. Tonifrax

    UV light

    Hi Just installed a small UV light to my parrotlets cage. Im probably going to move it a bit to hide the wire better but is it okay like that? Also how long should I have it on for each day? Thanks 😊
  9. Tonifrax

    Disease testing

    Hi, hope everyone is having a nice day. Soooo... I need to take bird poop samples every morning for 3 days and to send off to a lab to get tested. Weird question but the sample i took yesterday has dried up... Does that matter? :oops: i havent done it before so just wanted to make sure im...
  10. Tonifrax

    Blast from the past

    Hey everyone, hope youre all well today! Wow.. Just came across this old video of my IRN Elmo when I still had her (say good boy in the video because I didnt know at the time and then she laid an egg for her new owner 😂) I was like 15 at the time and she was my first bird. I miss her but she...
  11. Tonifrax

    Adoption interview

    Hi everyone, hope youre okay. Just had my phone interview with one of the rescues for an orange winged amazon i applied for. Hopefully I did ok. Im so nervous about it im like sweating 😂😂 was worse than a job interview haha
  12. Tonifrax


    Hi, As some of you may have read ive been Looking into getting a new bird. Been quite set on getting a male eclectus or taking on a rescue bird however someone close by sells young conures. I was hoping for a larger bird but wondered what peoples opinions were on conures? Perhaps it would be a...
  13. Tonifrax

    Parrot vocabulary

    Hi, I am looking at getting my next parrot from a rescue. I was wondering if parrots learn unwanted words or phrases for example swear words, can they be forgotten again over time? Just wondering as I have always avoided my birds learning swears etc but if i take one on that has a bit of a fowl...
  14. Tonifrax

    Which breed?

    Hey everyone, hope youre all well. Looking for some advice. Im hoping to get a larger bird sometime in the future and theres a few that im already interested in but would like to hear of peoples experience with different breeds. Im looking at eclectus parrots but also interested in major...
  15. Tonifrax


    Has anyone ever experiences bird of the same gender attempting to mate? My parrotlets take it turn about for whose on top haha and im not actually sure if either if them are male. I read online males have cobalt on their wings and ive not seen that on my green or blue. They are super close...
  16. Tonifrax


    Hey So as some of you may have seen i have been busy making willow tree stands but have kinda hit a snag. Does anyone know what kind of wood would be safe and appropriate to use as the base? Thanks in advance 😁
  17. Tonifrax

    Bonded pairs

    Hey everyone hope you're all well. Looking for some advice on my parrotlets. Ive been teaching my male every day for 2 months to step up and trying to build trust but I would say that it has not really improved. They dont really want to spend time with me. They want to spend time with each...
  18. Tonifrax

    Getting birds back in cage?

    Hi everyone! Looking for some advice. I have 2 parrotlets. They are a bonded pair but due to bullying I only let them out one at a time and have the other in its cage in the same room so they can still see each other. My blue one, Leche, is not a problem when it comes to getting her back in...
  19. Tonifrax

    Sexing Parrotlets

    Hi, so I have a bonded pair of Parrotlets. One blue and one green. I am however not 100% sure on their genders so hoping maybe someone could help me figure this out. Ive assumed that they are of the opposite sex because ive caught them in the act on several occasions but i used to had two female...
  20. Tonifrax

    Is something wrong?

    Hi, so this morning I went to work with my parrotlet on stepping up and he was acting very odd. I put my hand in his cage with a treat and he as sitting on his perch, neck extended but it was almost as if he couldn't see the treat that was right in front of him. He kept moving his head like he...
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