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  1. Tina

    Off Days

    Poppy had a really strange day yesterday. generally being spiteful and uncooperative. I ended up putting her back in the cage and ignoring her. If any one has experienced this type of day with your parrots i would be interested to hear about it. and about how you coped/dealt with it
  2. Tina

    Wow Progress

    you may remember my posts about poppy biting my OH. well i have been removing her from my OH every time she has landed on him before she has had a chance to bite and my OH has beeen taking every oppertunity to interact with her when she is in her cage. she will now invite a head stroke in the...
  3. Tina


    just wondering how often you shower your birds. i was talking to another parrot owner in the pet shop and she said it should only be done about twice a month because you can cause there feathers to loose there water proofing. just wondered what other thought.
  4. Tina

    Charcoal And Oyster Shell

    Someone has suggested that i should be giving charcoal and oyster shell once a week. I am sure that i read somewhere that you don't feed this sort of thing to parrots. can someone put me straight please
  5. Tina

    Head Hoods

    My brother keeps raptors and often flies his birds. but to keep the calm her covers there head with a hood. has anyone had experience with using this type of equipment with parrots
  6. Tina

    Self Aware

    poppy just found a mirror and when she looked in it she said her name. :applause: are parrots self aware or is this coincidence
  7. Tina

    Forage Toy Home Made

    this is one of poppy's favourite toys. and everything is food grade so nice and safe. the stick are starbucks stirrers :tease: thanks starbucks :flowers: and the paper cup is from the £ shop there are peanuts in there shells between the layers of sticks i also use grapes and chillies...
  8. Tina

    New Feathers

    I was just reading a post about clipped feathers growing back and got to wondering about feather growth. do parrots have a moult. if so when does it happen and how long does it take. Is there anything special that i should be doing when it happens for example diet changes or extra supplements...
  9. Tina

    Toilet Roll Tubes Warning

    just been surfing the web and found this. letters from proctor and gamble It is warnings against using toilet paper and toilet roll tubes. because of contamination and zinc. so i thought i would pass it on. paper cups make a good substitute...
  10. Tina


    found a lovely ripe mango in the supermarket so thought i would introduce it poppy- she loves it :thumbsup: just wondering about the stone is it ok for her to chew on?
  11. Tina

    Feather Damage?

    I noticed yesterday that some of the feathers on poppys wings are damaged. they are the feathers on the leading edge of her wings. the centre strut in intact and on the inner edge so are the barbs. on the outer edge from about half way down the feather to the tip the barbs have been stripped...
  12. Tina

    New Swing

    I bought poppy a swing a few weeks ago and hung it in my bay window. I thought she would enjoy swinging and sitting in the sun shine. when she on it she likes it. but has trouble landing on it because it swivels. I was just wondering how your friends get on their swings do they climb or fly and...
  13. Tina

    Ocean Spray Cordial

    I have an allergy to aspartame so most of the soft drinks on the market i have to avoid. But i have found a cordial that is traditional apart from modern preservatives. and this the Ocean spray cranberry and raspberry. A few weeks ago poppy stuck her head into my glass when i wasn't looking...
  14. Tina

    Feet Have Changed Colour

    I have just noticed that the underside of poppys feet have change from milky white to orange. is this normal or does she need a vet visit. could it be diet- she gets carrots most days and i tend to either grate it or cut it big enough to pick up? ho she has also beeen having a red chilly a...
  15. Tina

    Growth And Weight

    I am about to buy an aviator harness but not sure what size i need. Poppy weights 522gms and she is 24 weeks old. so is she fully grown and the correct weight for her age? if anyone can advise me what size harness to buy that would be soooooo helpful. I have already made one bad purchase so...
  16. Tina


    Just wondering about flowers what to avoid and what is safe- I am guessing that they become food I guess that roses would be safe as we can use rose water. and any of the flowers from fruit for example apple blossom but what about the types of flowers that you get from a florist. My OH...
  17. Tina

    Interfering With Their Fun

    Just wondering how often you move your birds from where they decide to perch. I have three areas in my living room that i wont let poppy settle on is the stolen light above the living room door- because of people coming in without seeing her. another is the net curtain that separates the...
  18. Tina

    OMG Poppy Has Found Her Voice

    OMG she has not stopped talking this evening :thumbsup: I am gob smacked. :shock: she is saying ALL the phases i have been repeating for the past few weeks AND I CAN RECOGNISE THEM!!! I cant believe it I turned the TV off so that i could record them but she just went silent. then as soon...
  19. Tina

    Prey Or Predator

    We had a visitor today. I am guessing that Poppy did like him. have a look at her reaction. It took me about ten seconds to realise that it was poppy growling. Our visitor was dressed in a grey jumper so i am guessing that poppy saw him as a predator she has never reacted like this to any one...
  20. Tina


    I am guessing that parrots are OK to have dates but what about the stones should i remove them?
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