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  1. Scott199

    Berts new little thing

    been trying to get Bert to say please or yes please, but he won't talk in-front of us. So ive been nodding to say yes and he's almost got it.
  2. Scott199

    Show me your play areas

    Hi All. So we having a move around to accommodate Bert a bit better, i have sky coming next week to move the sky box and phone line, so bert can have an area, the plan is to have his cage and a play area or some sort in that corner by the window. post pics or yours as im looking for ideas.
  3. Scott199

    So this is what I have to deal with

    Trying to put Bert to bed and this is what I have to deal with , he was nice and quiet, my other half and daughter making him worse. Very sorry if any bad language sneaked in, he had my wife and daughter in stitches for about 15 minutes, both had tears in their eyes and I must admit I was...
  4. Scott199

    Keel bone and how to

    So as per normal I managed to worry myself again, ive been concerned about Bert's weight/health for no other reason than because I read to many horror stories and scare myself into believing im not doing right :P ( I know other here feel the same way :biggrin: ) Any way I managed to weigh him...
  5. Scott199

    is this not the cutest thing

    So me and Bert have a little nighttime routine, basically a little game we play and then I cover him leaving half one side open and i lay down on the floor, he comes down and sits next the the bars on the bottom and we have a tickle and say nite nite, this goes on for around 15-20 minutes (it...
  6. Scott199

    Toys in Berts cage.

    Hi All, not sure if this goes in housing or entertainment ? But anyway, i have some toys in Bert's cage (hanging, shredding, foraging toys, some rope, some wood, some leather) that he never goes near, seem's almost scared of them, some came with him in his cage others i purchased early days so...
  7. Scott199

    making nutriberry type thing ?

    Hi All. im going to make, well attempt to make some type of nutriberry for Bert. Going with basically nuts, seed, oaks or feast egg food (which do you think, i'm leaning towards Feast) ??, dried fruit, crushed pellets maybe some quinoa and anything else i can find thats dryish, i'll put a...
  8. Scott199

    Little update on Bert and syringe training.

    Just wanted to give you kind folks an update on how the lads doing, he’s so much calmer now and here’s a little vid of him taking his “medication” (not really med but don’t tell him) many moons ago I was advised here to make a start, so once a week/fortnight we do this, it was slow to start...
  9. Scott199

    feeding amount ?

    Hi all. when Bert came, he came on Harrisons high potency pellets and eats them like they are going out of fashion, we had no info on amount to feed, so went with the Harrisons guide, we also mix Harrisons lifetime in but he's not that keen on them yet. I've been reading a few blogs/books and...
  10. Scott199

    Little wild birdy gel into garden

    Hi all this little lad fell into our garden tonight, think he has hurt his wing somehow. ive got him in Berts old cage in the utility room, he’s got water and I’ve crushed some Harrison’s pellets, nutriberrie, millet and nuts on a little plate for him with some guardian angel sprinkled over...
  11. Scott199

    Travel cage training

    So last night decided it was time to start training Bert to go in his travel cage, so i put it on the floor, door open and used his stick to entice him in, he normally will do almost anything for his stick. So i open the door and lay down behind it kind of looking through the back. he...
  12. Scott199

    Willow branches/perches.

    Does anyone know of a company that will supply Willow branches or perches to size ? i know the natural bird co do it, but they aren't making any till mid next year due to an accident. I could find it but i'm not 100% what willow is, i've found quite a few brought them home then decided against...
  13. Scott199

    new cage for Bert and its a little bigger than I thought, best way to transition ?

    So I found what I thought was a slightly bigger cage for Bert. but as you can see its quite a bit bigger, so I don't have the option or room to leave it next to him and slowly transition. So my plan is, when I clean his cage out he goes in the window, (on his travel cage) now im thinking I...
  14. Scott199

    Spray/bath outside ?

    Hi all it’s around 18-20 degrees in our back garden.(maybe more as no wind) will it be ok to bring Bert our here and give him a spray/bath ? I could just give him a light misting ior soak him like we normally do indoors. do you think it’s warm enough for him to have a bath outside ?
  15. Scott199

    advise/help or your opinion please

    I all. This is so hard. Please could I have some advise/help, as most of you know we have a safe-house rescue CAG, id appreciate just advise please, I may not be perfect but I am trying the best I can. Now here comes the bit I'm really, really struggling with. Bert has been up for adoption...
  16. Scott199

    How do you turn these things off 😂

    Currently putting a floor in the new utility room and this is all I hear constantly unless I go in then it’s silence :roulette::aplastao:
  17. Scott199

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

    Hi All. I was reading a few things and came across a few articles that said give ACV regular once a month or so is good for the bacteria and digestion, now my other hand swears by it for her IBS and I've read a lot about it doing birds good as well and as we have it constantly Braggs mother...
  18. Scott199

    Vet check-up ??

    This may seem strange but with all our animals we’ve always taken them to the vet for check-ups also find it gives the Vet a baseline ect. now with Bert this is slightly more stressful do any of you do this and would you recommend ? Nothing wrong that I know off (maybe to much time to think at...
  19. Scott199

    Do you ever feel like you're being watched ?

    So boredom has really set in, I heard you can see the sole through the eyes. All I see is darkness ;) and Raptor:)
  20. Scott199

    Bert Trying to tell us something ??

    I think Bert was trying to tell us something, when we didn’t take the subtle hint he gave us the cold shoulder :pancarta:
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