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  1. KateA

    Bobbie cutie

  2. KateA

    Tuesday 31st March

    Morning dears haha Hope everyone's is well isolated or wine-solated in my case hehe. We have the sun out here at the moment. It'd be nice if it got a little warmer. Not sure what to do today, but if not too bad may do a bit more weeding to tidy the house from the street view. I'm tempted to try...
  3. KateA

    It's dad chew o'clock time

  4. KateA

    Tuesday 25th Feb

    Woohoo, morning all Sunny here, well for now. Both birds are super vocal and mischievous today. The pair of monkeys let me clean cages, mop and polish the floor and then both lords decided bath was a great idea. Both trashed hard work in minutes. But they are happy and that aparently counts😅😂...
  5. KateA

    Bobbie the shredder sennie is 6 today.

    I'm 6 today. Wohooo. Already gotten a box to shred and some more paper. When dad comes home from gym he will have a new toy for me. Oh yeah I almost forgot apparently there might some party food. Sennies like food,right?
  6. KateA

    Non- robotic floor pooer

    Getting braver.
  7. KateA


  8. KateA

    Thursday 29th August

    Morning all peeps and feathered ones. Hope all doing well. We woke up to what looks like another nice day. Had breakfast and left the apartment and are now on the way to Austria. Will spend most of the day in the car. Enjoy the day everybody. X
  9. KateA

    Cash's Hatch Day

    Both Rob and I are wishing a special hatch day to our boy Cash today. I cannot believe that he's 7 today. Still my baby. We're not with him on this day, but he's on holiday and making memories with new friends. We love u boy. Xx
  10. KateA

    Wednesday 14th

    Morning and Wakey, Wakey everyone. It's misty in Belgium. We've been up since 6AM , 5AM UK time. Having breakfast then we push on with the next part of our holiday journey. I'm excited as will see my family, where some of them I haven't seen for at least a yr. Looking forward to their smiley...
  11. KateA

    Our Nutter

  12. KateA

    It's 20:40 And Cash Is Like A Pensioner.

  13. KateA

    I Walked To See Dad.

    All by myself.
  14. KateA

    A Pair Of Soppy Bobs

  15. KateA

    Curtain Specialist

    No he never chews. He promised.
  16. KateA

    Catching The Rays.

  17. KateA

    Some Martial Arts

    Mr re d ar.e ninja pigeon last night.
  18. KateA

    Monday, Men Are At Work.

    Men at work.
  19. KateA

    Fresh Air In The Garden.

    Poor Cash didn't enjoy his vet visit yesterday. He seems to be getting more frustrated at having his beak done then he did in the past. Anyways he forgot about it in a couple of hours and is now chilling with his neighbor Bobbie in the garden.
  20. KateA

    Gotta See.

    I want to sit on mum but must be present to see dad. So how many of us to make one coffee?
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