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  1. Parrot797

    African Greys - Cites 1 Listing

    African Greys have now been placed on CITES 1 of the endangered species list so will require a licence to sell them or show them.
  2. Parrot797

    New Birds

    Pictures of my new birds (Poicephalus flavifrons aurantiiceps)
  3. Parrot797

    More Birds From My Collection

    Pictures of birds:
  4. Parrot797

    My Collection,animals And Birds

    More of the Collection.This is all of this memory stick.More could follow.
  5. Parrot797

    My Collection (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of my collection:
  6. Parrot797

    My Collection(Part Of It)

    I hope this works. This is a small part of the collection,however some of these species I no longer keep because I am selling up over the next few years.
  7. Parrot797

    Hand Reared Babies For Sale

    Hand reared: Double yellow headed Amazons £650 each Severe Macaws £550 ea Yellow Shouldered Amazons £500 each Hyacinth Macaw Male £10000 each  All are 2014 closed rung and bred here. Tel:07876288110
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