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  1. AG Babies

    Went to a garden centre near to me yesterday and a few things made me a bit cross...... irresponsible selling of lizard babies that grow HUGE... Selling baby snapping Turtles that grow HUGE and having an incubator full of duck eggs on display that were hatching and the one that had hatched was...
  2. Hammock :)

    I bought a hammock today....... I lashed it up between the kids climbing frame that we built 11 years ago and fell asleep...... I know where I'll be spending the summer :biggrin:
  3. Learner Drivers And Their Mums......

    No dear I'm your Ma and you are driving a Nissan Micra and you haven't learned to reverse so i wiil just hop out the the car and rant at the driver who refuses to mount the verge at a passing place... She's a learner...She's female and nervous.... Why the hell has her Ma made her drive down a...
  4. To And From Work...What I Saw

    Evening all... have been taking a different route to and from work now that the better weather is here. Quite a hike and very rural but here is a list of what I saw... A Roe deer who was nearly as shocked as me to come face to face A spotted wood pecker who landed on a fence rail a few feet...
  5. God Bless Asda

    ASDA Swindon got my Palm Oil in !!!!!! Two jars and I had to explain to the girl on the checkout what I wanted it for. Even better they had it discounted.... £1.20 a jar :thumbsup:
  6. Balloons

    Have had a funny two days..... When someone asks what you did at work and you say you messed about with helium and made balloons float through hoop shaped fans they might think you are a bit strange..... Watch out for the ads on TV and on escalator panels on the London Undergound .... And yes...
  7. Evening !

    Well never say you don't get any presents on your birthday or the eve before.... Very thoughtfully Jack has given Charlie Chicken Pox on the eve of his 14th Birthday and just for good measure i now have a couple of itchy spots on my back ! Given that I've been in a dark industrial unit without...
  8. Storm

    Have the most massive thunderstorm here....... Not sure whether I'm scared or not although i'm now down in the basement :biggrin: Happily the kitchen is down here so I won't starve!
  9. Did The Clocks Go Forward?

    Think they must have or I've learned to time travel ! I posted something minutes ago and it tells me I did it an hour ago! No wonder folk tut when I turn up for a job :lol:
  10. Tuesday Evening......

    Evening all... near dead on my feet. 5.30 AM start and totally knackered... Food sounds good :thumbsup:
  11. Pak-O-Bird

    Hi all... heard these were really hard to come by in the UK now.... and I know most greys need the medium size ones.... but as there are all sorts of birds on this forum just thought I'd let you know that Porton Garden Centre in Wiltshire has two small,olive coloured ones left in stock priced @...
  12. Shredding

    Have been shredding tons of old bank statements and stuff this afternoon...... Has been very therapeutic but now have this burning desire to throw two bin bags of cross shredded paper up in the air :biggrin: . Is only one thing stopping me..... I'd have to clear it up after :scare:
  13. A New Day

    You know when you wake up and you are sort of dreading what you have planned for the day? Well mine started with a huge laugh..... On waking I realised i had a terrible sore throat so thought I would gargle with some soluble paracetamol......Padding through to the bathroom I got two tablets...
  14. Double Take

    Out of my comfort zone tonight.... Why are they on the wrong stands, doing stuff they never do on their own ones ? Is like a Hitchcock Movie..... Spooky :scare:
  15. Teen Speak

    For all the parents out there who have teens... If there is anything you don't understand that has been mulched down to text speak or just random letters, Google "The Urban Dictionary"... "milf" was an eye opener.... :scare: Happily not me but my sis :lol:
  16. Charlie's Canadian Friend

    Just had a shower and I could hear Char chatting away on his lap top next door.... or so I thought. Not until I was half way across the landing to my bedroom did I realise he was actually on live video chat to his Canadian friend and was showing him around our house :scare: . Damn good job I'd...
  17. That Ooooh Moment

    When you're busting for a pee and can't get the bird off your shoulder....So you take it with you and as you sit down it says "Oooooh" and then does the flush...... lol
  18. Fire Walk

    OK so a couple of years ago my Ma did a parachute jump for charity....... She's now scheduled to do a fire walk in March in aid of a cancer hospice..... How can i tell her that as she's in her 80's she really ought to slow down and stop putting us younger folk to shame?
  19. Fantastic Friday

    Morning all.... sitting in the studio waiting for a client to turn up..... we have snow so of course everyone uses it as an excuse to be late.... :grrr: I managed to get here by 8 :biggrin: . Have a good day all
  20. My Cage

    A pic of my cage with Jack standing next to it talking to the birds... Untitled by Donna Wicker, on Flickr
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