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  1. Wanted African Grey

    Have send them an email and let’s hope for the best but thx for the reply
  2. Wanted African Grey

    They don’t sell African Grey as I’ve just spoke to them
  3. Wanted African Grey

    Technically im in Surrey just the border to London but thank you and please do let me know
  4. Wanted African Grey

    I’ll try to contact them
  5. Wanted African Grey

  6. Wanted African Grey

    Hey I’m looking to buy any African Grey but no luck in finding one. Can someone help me with it please
  7. 4 month old African Grey

    I’m in London
  8. 4 month old African Grey

    Awww that’s unfortunate
  9. African grey

    i have been scammed before trying to get an African grey that’s my I’m asking for people suggestion tbh
  10. 4 month old African Grey

    Whee do you guys get African grey? I’ve been looking to get one but no luck
  11. African grey

    And yeah I don’t see any reply at all so I was confused
  12. African grey

    Should o delete the other post??
  13. African grey

    Hi there, I’m looking to buy or adopt an African grey, does anyone know where or who I can contact? Any breeders in particular
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