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    Monday 1st June

    Afternoon all, currently sat in the sun in my works carpark. Have had to come into the actual office Friday and today, but back working from home tomorrow. I think I could handle doing a split week between home and office if that becomes an option to us :biggrin: . Stay safe everyone. xx
  2. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Not just for men

    Those are awesome!
  3. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo


    This link from a previous thread should help :)
  4. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Wall protection?

    Thank you :). There were so many different pictures to choose from! I'd definitely use a mural again, but next time put clear perspex over the top to stop a certain little blue rascal peeling it off. ;)
  5. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Zebra Finches

    Glad you were able to get some, and I hope you find more! We gave ours to my mum who wanted some company for her disabled budgie who couldn't mix with other budgies. Squidge is a white zebra finch who my uncle found near his house as a baby. He must have escaped an aviary. We got him Squash...
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    Bet they loved the sunshine and shower! :biggrin: And watching all the commotion their cages caused!
  7. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Congratulations to Lou Turner

    Congrats! :party1::applaudit:
  8. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    New and looking for a parrot

    :welcome: to the forum from us. It's nice that you're looking to adopt.
  9. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Indoor Aviary

    Sorry! I should have said, my answer was for @Carolyn_rio as the ideas I mentioned are UK based. You could always check with them though? They may know of someone who could help if they couldn't? :)
  10. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Indoor Aviary

    I reckon someone like Rosemead to build a custom one, (not as expensive as you'd think), or I think there are indoor aviaries on eg.. Scarletts for budgies. Depends what you're planning on spending I guess, but if you tot up the cost of whatever wood, mesh, fixings etc... you would need, it may...
  11. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Being British

    My cousin stabbed himself through the hand after trying to remove a cork from a wine bottle with a kitchen knife :oops: :lol: . I can laugh cos it was years ago and he's ok apart from being a muppet.
  12. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Unusual bird

    No never seen these before. They are beautiful!
  13. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo


    :welcome: to the forum from us and our flock. Laura has already done a good job in outlining thoughts and considerations on embarking with being owned by a parrot. I don't have any experience with Amazons, so I will leave that up to others, but it's good that you're looking into everything first...
  14. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Parrot plucking!

    I'm sure others will be along soon who have experience with egg laying parrots, but I do believe it's normal for some plucking in hen birds as it means the eggs have contact with the skin. Just going off a hormonal female macaw, she plucks in similar areas when she gets super broody, but we...
  15. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    advise/help or your opinion please

    Brilliant news! So happy for you all, Bert is a lucky little boy! :biggrin:
  16. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Wall protection?

    Perspex is probably the best idea, we just disguise it :lol: Although, Gary has managed to peel off the top half of the picture now :nut:
  17. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Olive tree wood

    Hiya, searching "olive wood" I found a post on another forum where the person uses olive tree wood in her cages and gives it as a chew toy to her birds. Not an official list, but a clue at least?
  18. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Selling Cockatiels

    Another option I've recently come across, is I've just downloaded an app that reduces the photo so that I can upload them.
  19. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Hi everyone - CAG home and temporary cockatiel owner from Kent

    Welcome to the forum from us, we look forward to seeing some pics of your flock :welcome:
  20. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Show us your chop

    Like a little "cherry on top" :biggrin:
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