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  1. dianaT

    Hello from us Arlene & Toby

    Welcome what a gorgeous birdie Toby is. @arlene.mcewan21 Many member live with various Amazons so plenty of advice, please just ask.
  2. dianaT

    Hello all :)

    Hi welcome to you and dear Twinkle. Thank goodness you now have him and he comes out of his cage, poor little chap that is so very very sad, no wonder he screeched. Anyway onwards and upwards. I am sure our members including @Roz will give advice which I am sure will help given time.
  3. dianaT

    Greetings! And some questions about forpus care

    Aww they are so cute, what a special birthday present that is/was. Happy birthday.
  4. dianaT

    More from Sewerby Zoo

    Gorgeous all of them, thank you.
  5. dianaT


    Cyril the Squirrel helping himself to the wild bird food..
  6. dianaT

    Erin the Duck - Eye Problem

    Oh dear, usually normal vets can provide eye drops for poultry, this may be useful available on Amazon RenaSan Antiseptic Eye Drops are ideal for all animal species and breeds. Use for eye irritation and disinfection, mucous clogging of the eye, tear stains, and sore eyes. RenaSan eye drops ...
  7. dianaT

    Hi all

    Pick out his favourites I guess
  8. dianaT

    The Old Pellets Debate - Budgies & other small parrots

    Same here Tidymix seeds . fresh fruit & veg daily plus occasional millet spray and various nuts.
  9. dianaT

    Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park

    I wondered that too. Sorry to hear about Henry xx
  10. dianaT

    Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park

    I'm sure they all pose for you!
  11. dianaT


    Which is a decent one to get please and not too expensive. Thanks. @DizzyBlue ....anyone???
  12. dianaT

    Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park

  13. dianaT

    Mr P Happy Hatchday

    Happy 18th Mr P :ura:
  14. dianaT

    Parrot screaming

    Welcome @Jasper167 . Sorry to hear this and definitely know how deafening an Amazons scream can be. I do hope the advice given will help.
  15. dianaT

    Frustration! I need some advise and encouragements here.

    Hi and welcome, don't give up, I am sure Roz advice can help you, lots of patience and lots of time needed.
  16. dianaT

    Found in Putney, London

    As an aside late sister in law long time ago,had a Cockatiel they called Captain Morgan (they were a naval family!)
  17. dianaT

    Found in Putney, London

    Putney FB page may be helpful. Lovely bird.
  18. dianaT

    More from Sewerby Zoo

    Oh no that is terrible, a shock for the Keepers too.
  19. dianaT


    That is such good news - your mum now recovering and the Chick doing well, excellent all round.
  20. dianaT


    Hi gorgeous Peri, you are right moulting can make them not quite themselves, it can take sometime.
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