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  1. shane12

    A Drawing I Have Just Finished . For Sale

    Thought I would show you a drawing I have just finished , it is for sale if interested please contact me .
  2. shane12

    Hi Everybody

    A big hello to everyone .
  3. shane12

    Hi Everyone

    Haven't been on for a while will be back on when I get a new laptop which should be soon.
  4. shane12

    Soggy Bird Time

    Thought I would show you Charlie after a shower, what amazed me was that he was on top of the door and  I wanted him to come onto the top of the cage for a shower after a couple of sprays and telling him to come on the top of the cage he did and enjoyed it.
  5. shane12

    Charlie enjoying a chicken bone

    I thought I would show you  Charlie having a foraging toy I made him and a chicken bone.
  6. shane12

    Target Training

    Now that Charlie has a bit of trust in me I thought I would start target training with him mainly to get him used to my hands, so far he will touch the stick and today he has been leaning over my hand to touch it. I was wondering if I am doing it right and if anyone has any advice they could...
  7. shane12

    Charlie the meat thief

    Well just found out charlie likes potted meat after catching him pinching some of mine the little monkey. 
  8. shane12


    I thought I would give you a update of how Charlie is looking. 
  9. shane12


    Just been reading on a site that a full spectrum light is ok for the birds but can anyone tell me if they give of uva.
  10. shane12


    Well I have finally got Charlie to eat some veg , I made him some chop but added some EMP to it.
  11. shane12

    uv light

    I have been wondering if I could use a uv bulb in a spare normal lamp I have I can easily make a  wire safety cover for it, as charlie's cage is near my wardrobe it would sit on the top of it.if it would be ok which bulb should I get the dark ones or normal ones .
  12. shane12


    Trying Charlie on mango is it ok to leave the skin on.
  13. shane12


    Hi was just wondering if any of you who have owa think they are lazy or is it just Charlie. 
  14. shane12

    charlie's latest toy

    I had some of Charlies old feathers and was wondering what to do with them so made him a preening toy hope he likes it. 
  15. shane12

    EMP superior egg food

    Just bought Charlie some emp superior egg food made it into a crumble but he wont touch it, was wondering if anyone as used it before and how best to give it .
  16. shane12

    cleaning the carpet

    The carpet around charlie's cage needs cleaning and I was wondering if I could clean it with diluted antiseptic. 
  17. shane12


    I have noticed that Charlie has been scratching himself lately especially when its dark  and was wondering if they can suffer from mites. 
  18. shane12


    I am thinking of decorating and was wondering if emulsion pait is safe to use.
  19. shane12


    Charlie has surprised me last night and tonight he puts his head down and puffs his feathers up and wants me to rub the back of his neck and head.But not with my finger will only let me rub his neck and head with of all things my nose and lets me rub my cheek against him . Does this mean he is...
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