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  1. Bob

    Happy New Year

    All the best to all members old and new :party1:
  2. Bob

    Couple Of Photos

    A Short eared owl and Kestrel I photographed this week Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  3. Bob

    What Is It?

    I photographed this bird on Wednesday, Amyone know what it is? Its not a British bird but a very rare vagrant. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  4. Bob

    Red Squirrel

    Had a drive out to the Derwent Reservoir the other day and was excited to see some red squirrels (first I have seen in many years)
  5. Bob

    Happy New Year

    All the best for the New Year to everyone :ura::beer-toast1::emoji_birthday:
  6. Bob

    Osprey With A Meal

    We went to Fairburn today and the Osprey is still there (nearly three weeks now) Here she is with a catch.
  7. Bob

    Caption Competition 73

    The rules are simple and any one can join in........ and all you need to do is think up a caption that goes with the photo provided. Rules:- 1 - two captions per person 2 - the caption will be judged by me in one weeks time - the winner plus second and third places will be announced after...
  8. Bob

    Tagged Kite

    I saw this Kite up on the Dales the other day and noticed its wings were tagged, so I contacted for some history on the bird. Turns out it is a juvenile from this year, one of 2 tagged in a nest on 9th of June and fledged the end of June about 20...
  9. Bob

    Mr Stoat

    I was hid in some bracken up on the Durham Dales watching a family of Wheatear's today when this little fella put in an appearance, he ruined my chances of getting the birds of course so got him instead :)
  10. Bob

    Fairburn Ings

    We had a nice day at Fairburn yesterday, well worth a visit, plenty of birds, animals, insects to see, and Highland Cattle too.. Here's a few pics and sure Tasch will add some too :thumbsup: Bittern Peregrine Spoonbill Highland Cattle Coot and baby
  11. Bob

    Osprey Nest Cam

    This is a live feed of the Ospreys nest on the Loch of the Lowes, both birds have arrived back now, love watching it, as well as for the Ospreys love the background sounds :)
  12. Bob

    The Sea Has Eyes

    Ever feel like you are being watched? we went to Boggle hole yesterday and had many eyes peering at us :yikes: l
  13. Bob

    Caption Competition 57

    Rules:- 1. Each member can add two captions to the photo 2. this competition is for fun and the prize is brilliant as it lets you provide the next photo for others to add there captions 3. I will be judging the captions in one weeks time giving first second and third places. 4. If you find that...
  14. Bob

    My Lot

    Don't put mine up a lot so here we are, one of each taken tonight all in their favourite places :) First here's Ruby on top of the boiler.. Traff in his Cubby hole.. Cleo about to go in Guiness's cage to forage.. Zuri on his door.. Guiness on Zuri's door..
  15. Bob

    My Falconry Experience

    Well today I did my first day on the hands on course at I spent nearly 4 hours with Phil the Head Falconer and learnt a lot about these magnificent birds including housing, training, feeding, telemetry, and lots more..tried to learn how to do a...
  16. Bob

    Derwent Valley

    I had a day off today so decided to go hunting (not literally :) ) for Red Kites Derwent Valley near Gateshead is one of the best sites in the Country for seeing them, so off I went with my flask of coffee and roll ups ;) It is a beautiful walk, really well thought out with plenty of viewing...
  17. Bob

  18. Bob

    A Soggy Pickle

    Here is Mr P after a jolly good soak, like his spike lol
  19. Bob

    Nutrobal On Offer

    Swell Reptiles Have 250g Nutrobal at £11.99 and you get 10% discount with GET10OFF, so £13.74 delivered...I ordered one and it arrived within 2 days, and good expiry date :thumbsup:
  20. Bob

    Guess Mr P's Weight

    Mr P is currently under anesthetic having his bloods, beak, claws etc done, also he will be weighed for the first time since we had him, any guesses on his weight? I say 580g Tasch says 620g Get your guesses in :)
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