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  1. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Kate sorry if i offended its just yes ive always had budgies and i want a larger bird i like toos but i dont want to go out get one and tgen struggle and end up selling again so i have a long way to save so i want as much info first j love the parrot club always here for all my birdy...
  2. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Thats why im asking advice first i dont want to just jump straight for it x
  3. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Yes i do i already have 4 budgies and my sister loves them and cares for them when im away
  4. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Aww brill just for knowledge apart from a too and a mc caw which other large bird would u recomend for a first timer with a large bird
  5. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    I want a larger bird always have i like cockatoos but i would consider different just not a mc caw so im doing alot of research first
  6. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Hi ive had a good think and ive decided i want a cockatoo .. does anyone have one of tgese parrots as right now im saving up to get one as a baby from a breeder but im doing research before hand like what food is best size cage what a typical cockatoo is like and anything else you can...
  7. Carolyn_rio

    Selling my IRN

    Shame im in manchester and would love them x
  8. Carolyn_rio

    My 3 babies

    When ur babies hide while u clean there cage
  9. Carolyn_rio

    Saturday 11th January

    Hi all from me and my 5 babies
  10. Carolyn_rio

    Rehoming much loved Green Cheeked Conure

    Hi I'd love to take him if u really do want to rehome him xx
  11. Carolyn_rio

    Help with rehoming my African grey 😪

    Everyone here will help with brilliant advice x I'd suggest try working with your bird and build the bond again before u rehome him if your determined to rehome then we can help
  12. Carolyn_rio

    Rescue budgie

    Aww thanks for the info his name is sparky He has a mirror which he spends time pecking at I'm thinking of removing it ????
  13. Carolyn_rio

    Rescue budgie

    I've kept budgies for some years now but this is a first I was asked to take in sparky a male budgie he lived with an elderly lady and she passed recently she left sparky to my friend who knows nothing about birds so she asked me to take him in He's very shy and scared not used to...
  14. Carolyn_rio

    Urgent IRN re-homing

    I'd love to take these beauty in only i live in Manchester I think that's too far and I don't drive x message me if needed
  15. Carolyn_rio

    Red rump

    Does any breeders in manchester have a female Red rump for sale
  16. Carolyn_rio

    Home Available

    I've sorted my house recently and I've had a long hard think I have space available for a new bird if anyone knows of a bird that needs help id like to rescue one I have years of experience if someone has one available message me any questions let me know thanks xx
  17. Carolyn_rio

    House Goals

    I was laughing more at the size than the use of glass
  18. Carolyn_rio

    House Goals

    Just had to share lmao
  19. Carolyn_rio


    Lol sunny my yellow lutino budgie has found a way to escape the cage not sure how so I've moved her to the spare cage till I find out how does anyone else have a similar problem lol
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