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  1. Carolyn_rio

    New bird

    Hi ive had a good think and ive decided i want a cockatoo .. does anyone have one of tgese parrots as right now im saving up to get one as a baby from a breeder but im doing research before hand like what food is best size cage what a typical cockatoo is like and anything else you can...
  2. Carolyn_rio

    My 3 babies

    When ur babies hide while u clean there cage
  3. Carolyn_rio

    Rescue budgie

    I've kept budgies for some years now but this is a first I was asked to take in sparky a male budgie he lived with an elderly lady and she passed recently she left sparky to my friend who knows nothing about birds so she asked me to take him in He's very shy and scared not used to...
  4. Carolyn_rio

    Red rump

    Does any breeders in manchester have a female Red rump for sale
  5. Carolyn_rio

    Home Available

    I've sorted my house recently and I've had a long hard think I have space available for a new bird if anyone knows of a bird that needs help id like to rescue one I have years of experience if someone has one available message me any questions let me know thanks xx
  6. Carolyn_rio

    House Goals

    Just had to share lmao
  7. Carolyn_rio


    Lol sunny my yellow lutino budgie has found a way to escape the cage not sure how so I've moved her to the spare cage till I find out how does anyone else have a similar problem lol
  8. Carolyn_rio


    FB_IMG_1567009100035 by Carolyn_rio posted Aug 28, 2019 at 5:18 PM Hi I'm looking for a buddy for my Male redrump I'd like to be another redrump .. u have a Male right now called freddy the pic is freddy
  9. Carolyn_rio

    Indoor Aviary

    Ok so I have an area of my living room that don't get used so ive decided to build an indoor aviary I can roughly do about 6.5 foot long 2 foot wide and 6 to 7 foot high the question is does anyone know someone Manchester area who can help build it or help tell me which materials are...
  10. Carolyn_rio

    Dna Sexing

    Hi what's the best website .to do DNA sexing of my .bird what's a rough cost and how long does it take xx thanks
  11. Carolyn_rio


    Can I get an idea of what items I can use to make toys for my birds I m spending money on buying them and. I'm wondering .on whether its cheaper to .make them thanks
  12. Carolyn_rio

    Indian Ringneck

    We decided to name him cookie .And he's settling in well... He's now decided to .talk to me he still plays batman and likes peeks boo can anyone give me advice as .when he fly's he bangs into things like the window or mirror mainly but I want to do my best for him Below is a recent pic
  13. Carolyn_rio


    IMG_20190117_200631 by Carolyn_rio posted Jan 17, 2019 at 9:49 PMIMG_20190117_200706 by Carolyn_rio posted Jan 17, 2019 at 9:49 PMHi all I'm here again lol needing some advice I took in an indian ringneck parrot today he/she is very shy and looks unkept now I'm not new to birds but...
  14. Carolyn_rio

    Urgent Urgent

    I need help asap as I've posted dyson has been plucking for a couple of months I bought some sprays 1 for mites 1 to help stop plucking j got some vitamins to add to his water this help but recently he started again but worse then ever when I got hold tonight I noticed a hole on...
  15. Carolyn_rio

    Help Can some help me as to why dyson does this looks like he' choking but. He isn' eating when he does this
  16. Carolyn_rio


    Hi don't want to seem silly but for Christmas I have got my dog and rabbit a. Stocking with treats in. But I can't find one for my birds. Does anyone have an idea where to get one if not I might make one myself thanks xxx
  17. Carolyn_rio


    Ive recently had lots of spiders round my house i was told to use the electronic repellant but is it safe for my birds and if not can anyone recommend a repellant that is safe thanks alao id like to introduce my twins sooty and sweep
  18. Carolyn_rio

    African Grey

    Hi im saving up to get an african grey can anyone give me advice on breeders and the cites for the parrot like what i need ect i looked at the cites post and i dont quite understand it thanks
  19. Carolyn_rio


    Ive noticed recently that dyson (my rock pebbler) when he comea near me he makes a scratching noise with his beak never heard it b4 can anyone help me what this is.. Also good news lol when i say go to bed to him after 15 mins he goes in gis cage by himself which is an approvement...
  20. Carolyn_rio


    hi all i been ill and have been away quite a while just wanted to say im back heres a recent pic of my baby dyson addopted hima while back hes doing great and is very noisy and friendly
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