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  1. Nik

    Sorry More Luna Pics

    She is such a good example of how stunning AG are, such a vibrant colours, for a lot of people it's just grey, but if you really dive into the advanced pallet of a simple colour is fascinating!!! She is a beauty...
  2. Nik

    Friday 7th December

    Hello everyone, im glad you guys are ok and copping well with the cold and the more cold and just too much cold ... All is well here, haven't been much active, but i have been reading all of your posts! Rosie is doing fantastic for the short time she has been with us! I often forget that...
  3. Picture please!

    Picture please!

  4. Nik

    Hi Guys!

    Hello and welcome from me too!
  5. Nik

    New To Parrots

    Hi and welcome , unfortunately there is such cases, so take your time, research and I am prety sure you will find a lovely bird!!! Enjoy the forum...
  6. Nik

    Seeds Or Pellets Advice For A Newbie Pls

    Hello, i believe another example of what I do, will be nice for you to see and perhaps find your way! I got a Galah Cockatoo about 11/12 years old, she was used to seed diet before i got her, but with time, she adapted to what i believe in my case was perfect, as I believe it's not only up to...
  7. Nik

    Hey There

    Hello, welcome to the forum! Enjoy your time here with us... keep us updated on your new journey... :) :) ;)
  8. Nik

    Diy Obsession :d

    Hello everyone, I've been around shops and I've been browsing the net for ideas of all sorts, So I saw something similar, but never really liked the way is done, quality etc. So why not do it myself! Decided to show you ti final product, totally over the top, of the "swing hybrid" :D where the...
  9. Nik

    Funny Girl!

    Slept there for like 6-7 min actually, then woke up and I took her back in her cage for proper night night... :D ;)
  10. Nik

    Funny Girl!

    So here we are chilling in the bedroom, resting our feet and suddenly gets a bit quiet! I turn around to check on Rosie and there she is "comfy" on the stand! :D Made me lough so had to share... :D ;)Im gonna lay down for a moment! by Nik posted Jul 21, 2018 at 9:32 PMAaand she is asleep!!! by...
  11. Im gonna lay down for a moment!

    Im gonna lay down for a moment!

  12. Aaand she is asleep!!!

    Aaand she is asleep!!!

  13. Nik

    A Delivery Arrived Today......

    Wow, absolutely fantastic, dream come true for many of us :D ;) ! Looking forward to see final result, enjoy!!! ;) :)
  14. Nik

    Taking Care Of Middle Age Ring Necks

    Hello and welcome, patience is the key, although I'm very bad at it and get remained by a little feathered member of my family quite often!!! I hope you enjoy your time in the forum!!! ;)
  15. Nik

    Hi Everyone

    Hiii and welcome! Enjoy your time here!!! ;)
  16. Nik

    Is This Really Possible?

    I guess if it happened naturally, "by birds choice", it shouldn't be that bad! The bad/sad part of it is when people do it so that they can sell and make more money out of the rare bird breed, cause as we all see people are no more satisfied with a parrot, they want something that noone has...
  17. Nik

    Birds Breakfast (chop)

    My bird doesn eat it at all, just looks at it and nah! :D if i put all the veggies and fruits that the chop has in a bowl, she eats them all, i guess she recognises them better, she simply never got used to the chop... ;)
  18. Nik

    Is This Safe For The Parrots?

    It can be not very safe to be honest, but i use exactly, or at least looks like this one, for Rosie, i stuff it with leaves, greens, chewable bits, sticks that she pulls out and deconstructs! The gaps on mine are as wide as the gaps between the parrot cage, so yeah, i gues ot depends on your...
  19. Nik

    Thinking Of Adopting A Parrot..

    Hi and welcome to the forum, I'm Nik! It's lovely that you have such interest in parrots and especially adopting and re-homing etc... I know you have put your mind in those sertain parrots type, but have you tought of looking around whats for adoption and then researching the particular parrot...
  20. Nik

    Photo Competition #94

    Haha, ok i got it now :D : - Vegetables, really, I ain't vegetarian mum! - Whats in there, runner beans, this time they wont escape mum?!
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