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  1. Dave Smith

    Kakarikik Won't Talk At All

    Hi all. My little Kak got stuck behind a dresser overnight. I got her out the next morning & she looked very sorry for her self. She eats & drinks normally flys around the room & will come on the hand as usual but from that day, has not made a noise! Anyone know why this could be? Thanks
  2. Dave Smith

    Kakarikik Winking

    Hello all. I've had my bird for 3 weeks but these last 2 days she has been shuting her left eye. But only when she is resting, but her right eye is open. I can't see any puss or anything that looks wrong with it & when feeding or doing anything she has both open normally & you wouldn't know...
  3. Dave Smith

    Kakariki Watching Youtube

    Hello all. I've had my young Kakariki just short of a week now & she is very quiet . Which is what we wanted really, but not this quiet. Anyway I put Kakariki singing into Youtube & she all of a sudden started singing & churping away & climbing all over her cage. Which is lovely to hear, but...
  4. Dave Smith

    Kakariki New Owner

    Hello there, From the High Peak, Derbyshire. I've had budgies before & bred them but not for several years. I've got a fair bit of time on my hands & wanted to try & get to know a bird & attempt to tame one. I wasn't too sure what bird I wanted but when saw these Kakariki's we fell in love with...
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