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  1. Michael Reynolds

    Parolette behaviour change.

    it is not unusual for them to lay one egg and then three days after lay another, the fact that she is not too interested in the egg yet makes me believe there are more to come, She is looking very healthy.
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Cockatiel mutations

    At the moment it looks like you have two male birds but as I said after there first molt the female will develop stripes with the combination of the parents
  3. Michael Reynolds


    they are a little heavy for most birds but great for the big macaws. did you get them from a company if so it may be an idea to put the link down for other large macaw owners to try them
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 19th Feb

    Good evening all, Had another busy day, had to call in at Maidstone Hospital to pick up keys so I could go and feed there budgie and I cleaned out the cage. left four pots of water, four pots of seed, four strips of millet, one of the sugar seed bells that I do not use myself and made...
  5. Michael Reynolds


    the metal must not be able to be bent or you or your bird can cheat,
  6. Michael Reynolds


    the ones I have are stainless steal I have taken a photo of one of them by a stamp so you can see the size if the puzzle
  7. Michael Reynolds

    Shower day!

    glad she has learnt to enjoy her bath
  8. Michael Reynolds


    Hi @TmacG I just notice your shout, how can we help
  9. Michael Reynolds

    Parolette behaviour change.

    Do not take the egg away, leave it or any others until she abandons them. give a pinch. sprinkle of calcium over her feed while she is nesting. I noticed in another recent post you said about the colour difference between the sexes, I was going to say that your information was wrong , the...
  10. Michael Reynolds

    Tuesday 18th February

    Good evening sorry I have not been on much as I have been busy, So pleased with Cash and his flying skills give him an extra grape from me. weather a bit of every thing today. that's a lovely painting of Tommy Diana, Do you get your chickens up early Wendy, well you know what they say, the...
  11. Michael Reynolds

    Cockatiel mutations

    Hello and welcome, I will have to look into the expected colours from the joining of your tiels and if you can just sex them by there colours that the young turn out to be. I will say that the females will end up having stripes across the underside of the tail feathers and the male will be of...
  12. Michael Reynolds

    Sleep duration ?

    none of mine are covered at night, they like to know what's going on around them. if they are comfortable in your room when it is dark then they are happy and fill safe there should be no problem. I do not go out of my way to keep away from my birds at night and if I want to go in the room I...
  13. Michael Reynolds

    Parrot Shows 2020

    if any one from Kent or London wish to go to the Think parrot show can offer a free lift for up to four people with or without there birds.
  14. Michael Reynolds

    Parrot Shows 2020

    I will look forwards to meeting you again
  15. Michael Reynolds

    Sick love bird

    Hello and welcome, first of all keep your bird warm and resting, try to get the bird to drink but do not force it. what area do you live? there can be many things wrong and we are not vets, if you can tell us a bit more on how your bird is acting we may be able to advice more
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Feathers falling from indian ringneck

    Hello Tala, it is possibly his first heavy molt, this can happen when your bird is around one and a half years of age. hopefully he will gain his wing feathers again. sprinkle a pinch of calcium powder over his dry feed. spray him three times a week.
  17. Michael Reynolds

    How do i

    Hi Michelle, with photos you have to make them under 2Mb. this can be done on a computer using windows, open the programme Paint (not paint 3d) load the photo and then go to resize, click the option pixels and change the number of pixels to 1000 in the first box, this will automatically...
  18. Michael Reynolds

    Urgently wanted for sad girl

    So pleased you had Dave's No Diana and he was able to help, look forwards to updates harrylarrylittlem and Ernest and Lilly
  19. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 17th Feb

    Good morning all, river by my place has gone down and the sun is out, still the occasional breeze. Birds are all active this morning will have to check to see if there is any more damage from the storm. I hope you all got away with out too much damage, I will be going out shortly but I know...
  20. Michael Reynolds

    The Plucking Parrot

    Too's unfortunately are one of the most common birds in the parrot family that will pluck them selves, most times this is caused by stress and boredom, its also more common with hand reared birds and birds that have been clipped when young. although an internal issue cannot be ruled out unless...
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