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  1. caza66

    Aggressive linnie

    I’ve come up with a plan. I’m going split the inside aviary and have it leading to a smaller outside aviary. It’ll only be for pumpkin and his girl, kiri. This way I can still put nest boxes up for the others and stop kiri breeding as she is 9 years old. The partition will be mesh so they...
  2. caza66

    Saturday 19th March 22

    Got the long tailed duck 😃. It didn’t stay above water much. Nice sunny but breezy day.
  3. caza66

    Saturday 19th March 22

    I’m going to go out birding today. Not been since we went to Scotland in February. Hoping to get a long tailed duck. I know we will get avocets, they have done really well oop north the last few years.
  4. caza66

    winnies ankles!!

    Hope you manage to sort something out.
  5. caza66

    Thursday 17th March 22

    Morning, Funny you should mention the dentist, I had a hard boiled sweet yesterday, yep, broke my tooth. Gotta go next week. 😕
  6. caza66

    Aggressive linnie

    I did think about adding another outside aviary on the other side for a small number of them but the inside part would have to be split and too complicated. I’ll keep thinking.
  7. caza66

    Aggressive linnie

    Thought I would update. I got 4 new linnies and after quarantine I put them together in a large cage with with pumpkin, Elle and geegee. Pumpkin seemed to take a liking to one of the new birds, champs. So decided to put them all in the aviary. Next day he was chasing poor ozzy again. He...
  8. caza66

    Moorehen update

    Good news.
  9. caza66

    Its an individual parrot choice apparently

    My linnies don’t seem to bother with toys but they do like to chew the rope they are sat on 🤪
  10. caza66

    Tuesday 22nd February 2022

    morning. Sounds like a winner. I have carpet In one bedroom and the study (to stop the wheeled chairs whizzing in the wrong direction). sounds peaceful outside (no wind 🤫)
  11. caza66

    All That Breathes

    Absolutely stunning birds of prey. I used to help a wild bird of prey rescue charity, it’s hard work for all concerned. It’s good to see other countries carry out this important work. 👍
  12. caza66

    Storm Owl Rescue

    Lucky owl.
  13. caza66

    Baby cockatiel aspergillosis

    Well done, glad everything turned out positive
  14. caza66

    Friday 18th February 2022

    @Yellowchickenparrot what a time you’ve had. Sorry for you losing one of your birdies. Your doggies toileting did make me giggle.
  15. caza66


    They do like to chew on moulted feathers
  16. caza66

    Friday 18th February 2022

    No, Cheshire, so fingers crossed. hope everyone stays safe through this
  17. caza66

    Thursday 17th February 2022

    Joining the ‘can’t sleep’ club. Wind is dying down here, thankfully. Just got to get through Eunice now.
  18. caza66

    Goodnight Pecan

    My first response was no, I wanted to bring her home but if it will help others…..I am still collecting her to bring her home to join my other lost birdies. She will be returned to us suitably wrapped.
  19. caza66

    Goodnight Pecan

    I lost one of my linnies today. She was a funny, dark green, 6 year girl. When she hatched, she was in a very full nest box and ended up with splayed legs. The vet hobbled her for a couple of weeks and she was more or less normal after that. She stayed with her sister, poppy, throughout her...
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