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  1. caza66

    Goodnight Pecan

    I lost one of my linnies today. She was a funny, dark green, 6 year girl. When she hatched, she was in a very full nest box and ended up with splayed legs. The vet hobbled her for a couple of weeks and she was more or less normal after that. She stayed with her sister, poppy, throughout her...
  2. caza66

    Linnie with bare bottom

    One of my green linnies, GeeGee, has lost the feathers of his/her bottom. Last year this happened and I took him/her to an avian vet. he had a very wet bottom and the feathers just disappeared. I thought it was a male originally but the vet seemed to think that this was a hen as her bottom...
  3. caza66

    Aggressive linnie

    Hi there, I have a flock of 13 linnies in an outside aviary plus 2 inside for health reasons. One of my outside birds, Ozzy (6 yrs) was found wet, not sure what happened so we brought him(?) in the house to dry out/warm up and check up. After a night inside we put him back outside in the...
  4. caza66

    Breeding linnies, now moving house

    Need a bit of advice. I planned to colony breed my linnies. I put nest boxes in 2 weeks ago. Now we have made a decision to move house And it is going on the market next week. If all goes well (2 houses have sold and completed in our road within 5 months) I’m worried about eggs, hatching...
  5. caza66

    Moving Back To An Aviary?

    Ozzy is my 7 week old lineolated parakeet. He was successfully hatched and raised with his sibling by 2 of my flock. They were good weights at 30 days old, 72g and 70g. Unfortunately a week later the eldest, Ollie, was dead. As it was about a week after the time they should have fledged, I...
  6. caza66

    Hi There

    Hi, newbie here. My name is Carol. I have 12 linnies and a maxi pi. I also have 12 rats, a dog, a cat and a chinchilla. Thought I would introduce myself and my gang. Still trying to add an avatar but I'm not very techie. Edit - oh I see I have already added an avatar lol!
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