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  1. mad bird caroline

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  2. mad bird caroline

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  3. mad bird caroline

    Thursday 12th

    Morning everyone very quiet and still dark in Essex,looking out the window and there's still stars off to work soon so hubby looking after my Lenny,I had a shift last night so hubby took a video of Lenny and he's so cute singing and laughing.hope you all have a good day whatever you do ?????
  4. mad bird caroline

    Tuesday 10th November 2015

    Morning Dizzyblue and all that follow,44 days till Christmas that's not long we put our Christmas tree up on 1st December.still dark here in Essex cold and windy,my daughter already out on her and Mark had a great time at Scarlett's on Sunday,we spoilt Pepsi and Lenny.we met some...
  5. mad bird caroline

    Scarlett's meet

    Had a great day at Scarlett's meet yesterday,was lovely to meet her and Tristan what lovely people ?.We also got to see her lovely flock and the handsome Harley.we spoilt Lenny and Pepsi and brought loads of things, was lovely to see nikki,Sarah and Mand.I also met  the lovely Shirley who I...
  6. mad bird caroline

    Saturday 7th November

    Morning Diana and all that follow,so excited about going Scarlett's tomorrow.leaving tonight once we have put Lenny and Pepsi to bed,going to be a 3 hour drive so should get there for 9pm.we are staying in a lovely B and B just 2 miles away from Scarlett's,will take lots of pics  and spend loads...
  7. mad bird caroline

    Friday 6th November

    Morning Dizzyblue and all that follow,Lenny doing good making me laugh as usual.So excited me and hubby leaving tomorrow for Scarlett's meet,time to max his card out lol.Just spending today getting bits together to pack,hope you all have a good day whatever you do ????
  8. mad bird caroline

    Scarletts 8th November 2015

    Me and hubby can't wait to go to Scarlett's,really excited ??
  9. mad bird caroline

    Monday 2nd November

    Morning Diana and all that follow,very misty here in Essex.Not much going on just really excited about Scarletts meet,I'm gonna max my hubby's card and really enjoy myself,can't wait to meet everyone.Hope you all have a good day whatever you do ????
  10. mad bird caroline

    Sunday 25th Oct

    Morning Nigel,Dizzyblue and all that follow,can't believe how light it is this morning.the clocks changing messed me up this morning.i even woke my daughter up thinking she would be late for her paperound lol,I'm just glad my shift at work changed and I'm in this afternoon,don't take much to...
  11. mad bird caroline

    Saturday 24th

    morning everyone,still dark here in at work this morning 7 till 2 shift,weird putting my car lights on cause it's so dark.the kids happy cause it's half term,next holiday will be Xmas.hubby looking after Lenny while I'm at work but I will spoil him with cuddles when I get home.hope you...
  12. mad bird caroline

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  13. mad bird caroline

    Lenny's new toys

    This is what me and hubby brought for Lenny's birthday from Scarlett's ???? Uploads/2015-10/A37AF25F-0631-4769-AF81-06714AB09913_zpscsavbzj4.jpg
  14. mad bird caroline

    Wednesday 21st Oct

    morning everyone,still dark here in Essex at the moment just having a cuppa before I get Lenny and hubby brought Lenny some toys and a root tree from Scarlett's and Lenny loves them,god help my hubby's credit card at Christmas lol.Taking my daughter and mother in law out shopping...
  15. mad bird caroline

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  16. mad bird caroline

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  17. mad bird caroline

    Friday 16th

    Good morning everyone very quiet and dark in my house at the moment,cold and wet here in Essex.Thanks to everyone for their Hatchday wishes for Lenny yesterday he had a great day and was spoilt rotten.not doing much today just some food shopping,hope you all have a good day whatever you do ...
  18. mad bird caroline

    Thursday 15th

    Happy hatch day to my special boy Lenny 5 today ??????,I've got a Scarlett's delivery coming today can't wait to give him his new toys,have a good day whatever you all do X X X X 
  19. mad bird caroline

    Wednesday 14th Oct

    Morning horrible and cold here in Essex,done an order from Scarlett's some toys for Lenny it's his hatch day tomorrow,I'm so excited we have spoilt Lenny a little bit lol.Im at work this afternoon so gonna stay in this morning with my daughter and chill.hope you all have a good day whatever you...
  20. mad bird caroline

    Tuesday 13th

    Good morning everyone still dark here in Essex,just having a cuppa before I get Lenny up.My daughter was upset yesterday her rabbit died it was her first pet,she's woke up with a stinking cold so she's gonna go back to bed after her paperound.Just doing some housework today and spend some time...
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