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  1. mad bird caroline

    Scarlett's meet

    Had a great day at Scarlett's meet yesterday,was lovely to meet her and Tristan what lovely people ?.We also got to see her lovely flock and the handsome Harley.we spoilt Lenny and Pepsi and brought loads of things, was lovely to see nikki,Sarah and Mand.I also met  the lovely Shirley who I...
  2. mad bird caroline

    Saturday 24th

    morning everyone,still dark here in at work this morning 7 till 2 shift,weird putting my car lights on cause it's so dark.the kids happy cause it's half term,next holiday will be Xmas.hubby looking after Lenny while I'm at work but I will spoil him with cuddles when I get home.hope you...
  3. mad bird caroline

    Lenny's new toys

    This is what me and hubby brought for Lenny's birthday from Scarlett's ???? Uploads/2015-10/A37AF25F-0631-4769-AF81-06714AB09913_zpscsavbzj4.jpg
  4. mad bird caroline

    Friday 16th

    Good morning everyone very quiet and dark in my house at the moment,cold and wet here in Essex.Thanks to everyone for their Hatchday wishes for Lenny yesterday he had a great day and was spoilt rotten.not doing much today just some food shopping,hope you all have a good day whatever you do ...
  5. mad bird caroline

    Thursday 15th

    Happy hatch day to my special boy Lenny 5 today ??????,I've got a Scarlett's delivery coming today can't wait to give him his new toys,have a good day whatever you all do X X X X 
  6. mad bird caroline

    Tuesday 13th

    Good morning everyone still dark here in Essex,just having a cuppa before I get Lenny up.My daughter was upset yesterday her rabbit died it was her first pet,she's woke up with a stinking cold so she's gonna go back to bed after her paperound.Just doing some housework today and spend some time...
  7. mad bird caroline

    Thursday 1st October

    morning everyone still dark here in Essex at the moment,off to work soon so enjoying a nice cupola before I head off.missed my Lenny last night cause I didn't get home till 9 so hubby settled him for me,hope you all have a good day whatever you do.??
  8. mad bird caroline

    My Little Lenny

    Just a couple of recent pics of my little boy Lenny x x x x x My Lenny loves being on my headboard and looking out the window   Lenny loves his boing   Only had Lenny 6 weeks but it feels like I've had him for years,he's such a good boy and I feel like we were meant to be together I love...
  9. mad bird caroline

    Tuesday 29Th

    Morning everyone bit nippy this morning here in Essex,but lovely to hear the birds singing outside.just going to catch up on housework today as I'm back at work tomorrow,can't believe I've already had Lenny 6 weeks it's gone so quick.hes changed so much since the day I got him he's now a mummy's...
  10. mad bird caroline

    Friday (Not Monday) 25Th

    Morning everyone,very overcast here in Essex,looking forward to a weekend I booked off work to spend with my family.lenny still fast asleep at the moment,he loves me tickling him on his head neck and tummy such a soppy some running around to do today shopping ect,Scarlett hope Harley's...
  11. mad bird caroline

    Tuesday 22Nd

    Morning everyone very dull gloomy and wet here in Essex,not doing much today apart from housework.lenny is doing a new thing when I say ATISHO he says BLESSYOU which sounds so sweet,also when I give him a cashew he says HMMMMM.its true what that they say a small parrot with a big character,hope...
  12. mad bird caroline

    Monday 21St

    Morning everyone,bit dull and gloomy in Essex,had a nice weekend off work with my family scarlett thanks again for our toys and food,Lou hope all is with you and your flock.not doing much today just housework and spending time with my Lenny,hope you all have a good day whatever you do x x x x
  13. mad bird caroline

    Monday 14Th

    Good morning everyone pouring down of rain here in Essex,hope you all had a good weekend.i worked Saturday and Sunday and had my in laws round for dinner,had a lovely evening with Lenny last night I love my time with my lil boy.just housework to do today and taking mother in law to the...
  14. mad bird caroline

    Sunday 13Th

    Morning everyone bit chilly but dry in Essex,just having a cuppa before I got to work.looking forward to having roast dinner with my family when I finish my shift,hope you all have a good day whatever you all do x x x x
  15. mad bird caroline

    My Gorgeous Boy

    My little man doing so well,Lenny is in a daily routine and with the help of hubby is eating fruit.cant believe how well he's settled,when I've been out he gets excited to see me and even enjoys singing with my daughter.hes such a happy boy his favourite song is twinkle twinkle little star,never...
  16. mad bird caroline

    Monday 7Th Sept

    Good morning everyone little bit overcast in Essex,my daughters first day at college strange having the house to myself again, got used to having the kids at home.doing a bit of housework today and got mother in law round,Lenny doing so well with the help of hubby he eats fruit and is...
  17. mad bird caroline

    Saturday 5Th

    Morning everyone,bit dull and grim in Essex at the son had a good first day back at school yesterday can't believe he's in his last 2 years,did my last shift at work yesterday for a few days so looking forward to lots of time with family and Lenny.just gonna do some housework and food...
  18. mad bird caroline

    Friday 4 Th September

    Morning everyone bit dull here in Essex at the moment,my sons first day back at school bit silly one day then it's the weekend, he's in year 10 now how the time had flown by.lenny still at scatty at ever with his singing he was so excited to see me yesterday when I got in from work,love my lil...
  19. mad bird caroline

    2Nd September

    Morning everyone,sun trying to come through here in Essex.had a busy day yesterday took my daughter to college to enrol,she's now officially a student,got a shift at work this afternoon so gonna do housework and spend time with Lenny this morning,have a good day whatever you all do x x x x
  20. mad bird caroline

    Night Night

    Night night everyone,I've had some chats and laughs with my mummy im now going to bed cause I'm tired x x x x x x x x x x x
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