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  1. evamacaw

    Eva Loves Watching Rio

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    Well grand daughters anyway
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  4. evamacaw

    Eva Makes It Outdoors

    Finally getting my girl outdoors. Wish those Wing would grow back soon.
  5. evamacaw

    Eva 7 Months

    I know. Sometimes I just sit and watch her play for hours.
  6. evamacaw

    Eva 7 Months

    Playing on living room play stand.
  7. evamacaw

    Echo Want A Cracker?

    How does Echo ask for one? Echo want a cracker- cracker -cracker - cracker.
  8. evamacaw

    Maine Coon Kittens Visit Eva

    I did monitor this closely.
  9. evamacaw

    Rough Play

    Sorry for your difficulties. I do "wrestle" with Eva. I only do this when I am reclined in my chair with her on my chest area and will roll around on her back. In the wild they will interact and play and get too rough with one another. When this happens they will let out a big squawk and pause...
  10. evamacaw

    Cleaning My Cage???

    Here I have one on play stand. 36x30 inches.
  11. evamacaw

    Cleaning My Cage???

    I use "good nights" underpads. They are made for kids that wet the bed. Newspaper, cardboard or the like allow the pan to get wet and it will rust.
  12. evamacaw

    Cage For Macaw

    Daytime and night time. Caged only at night or if I'm gone for a number of hours.
  13. evamacaw

    Cage For Macaw

  14. evamacaw

    Wrestling With Eva

  15. evamacaw

    For All 'too Fans :)

    Funny video. Thanks for sharing.
  16. evamacaw

    Just Had An Emergancy

    Wow. What an ordeal. Glad ended happy.
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