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  1. KLD95

    Protective Cockatiel

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all well and had a good Christmas. Im writing on here on behalf of my mother in law. She has a cockatiel who will be 2 in March. Twts is spending a lot of of her time, if not all of her time in her tent and won’t come out of it. Twts has become very protective over it...
  2. KLD95

    Female Galah for Sale

    Hi everyone, unfortunately I’ve come to the decision to rehome Rosie. I’m absolutely gutted to be writing this. Since my son have been born Rosie haven’t been having fairplay. She’s not out as much as she used to be and I’m super conscious about how she’s feeling. Rosie would be out for hours on...
  3. KLD95

    Aviator Harness

    Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if you can you give me some tips, advice and methods of getting Rosie to use her harness. I’ve been putting the harness across her back and rewarding her with ‘good girl rosie’ and a treat. I have also been putting a treat in front of the head loop and letting...
  4. KLD95

    Rosie The Galah

    Good Morning All, I would like to introduce the new member of our family, Rosie. Rosie is a 7month old Galah who is extremely cheeky and full of life. Nothing seems to phase her which is ever so baffling! In all fairness Rosie is an all rounder. She loves me as much as she loves Matthew. Im...
  5. KLD95

    Plucking Senegal

    Oh guys, to think I was off to a good start with Jed! He’s now started plucking. I’m wracking my brain to think what I’ve done Any tips and advice? Thanks in advance, Kirsty x
  6. KLD95

    New Beginnings!

    Hello everybody! I haven’t been on here in a while as I fell ill and was also spending time with Jed! Just a little update for you guys. He finally does not attack Matthew now. He takes treats from him and lets him stroke him from the outside of the cage! Not only does he do this, but he lets...
  7. KLD95

    Can Somebody Help? - Screaming

    I’ve had Jed for 3 weeks now from previous owner. He was not hand reared or tactile. I have spent lots of time with him which he is now stepping up and spending time on my lap snuggling and also sleeping. Jed will eat out of my hands mouth etc he shows signs of affection. One thing he does not...
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