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  1. Scott199

    F10 webinar by avain vets

    Might be interesting for some of you.
  2. Scott199

    Nightmares :o

  3. Scott199

    My little hobby

    So thought id join in, even though i have no where near the skills of the others here. So a few months back i decided to teach myself to TIG weld stainless steel and aluminium. to be honest, i don't really have anything to show as the "art" is technically in the art of doing it, for anyone...
  4. Scott199

    In Loving Memory of Bert

    Hi all just wanted to let you all know Bert died tonight at around 6:30 suspect a heart attack as it was almost instant.
  5. Scott199

    Bumble foot/sores ?

    Hi all as you know with Berts illness the vet noticed a very small patch under his feet of redness, asked about his perches which he has 4/5 different sizes including willow, rubber, calcium edible thing, pedi perches (medium and large) and a flat shelf. the vet advised to wrap his main perch...
  6. Scott199

    Bert first step up 😍

    So this is the first time Bert has stepped up voluntarily, he’s done it once after he got scared and flew.
  7. Scott199

    My morning routine as I leave

    So this is Berts little “goodbye” every morning as I leave for work and to be honest pretty much anytime someone leaves.
  8. Scott199

    Seen this onsite today

    Even got me stumbled :thinking:
  9. Scott199

    Vet fees and insurance ?? Do you need it

    So this is more a detailed post about my own situation with Bert in a hope it helps someone one day. now before I go to far at this point I must say the insurance haven’t paid out yet as the claims only just been filled, I’ll update as I go alone. the story, woke up Monday morning to a...
  10. Scott199

    Berts not well

    Just thought I’d post as I’m at a loss, Bert was fine, but yesterday he was a bit lazy, quiet, lethargic and seemed to be panting so I called the vet and booked him in today, today he seemed much better, still not himself but dancing and talking again. went to the vet at 1 today as we were...
  11. Scott199

    Any one made their own cage ?

    So wanted a new cage for Bert but just not happy with what im finding or seeing, so the plan is to make him a stainless cage. I'll roughly copy a "known" maker but adapt to my liking. Anyone done this before ? might need a little advise on the basics, bar thickness and such ?
  12. Scott199

    I’m officially old :(

    I’m a bit of a “gamer” or used to be but watching my son play the VR (virtual reality) on the PlayStation and then me trying but falling badly. the world has changed so much and I’m now my dad asking him to set the thing up for me :risas3: this is what he’s doing with like hand things
  13. Scott199

    Senior Bird Nutri-Berries for Parrot

    no i know their is some rather clever peeps on here. I stubbled across this from Lafaber and thought "oh that looks great, i cant see a downside" then after many a days searching found we cant buy it over here, spoke to lafeber and the UK importer and they say Lafeber say: "unfortunately...
  14. Scott199

    Little story

    So this is a basic little story of my utter confusion at Bert, im not sure i will ever understand his little mind, its going to be a bit long winded, but other's may be able to help me understand a little more. in the front room we have a little set of draw's his daily bits live in, T perch...
  15. Scott199

    File types for pictures.

    I don't know if this is an option, just wondering if you have a choice of file types that can be used. i understand Jpeg is the norm for pictures but most/all iPhones and some others have moved to HEIC, it gives the same quality but it a much smaller format. I don't know if maybe you have a...
  16. Scott199

    Photo thread of random stuff

    Mods: Is this ok here ? As some of you may or may not know i dabble in photography, so i thought id add a few here and there for opinions and just generally. So first up a macro shot of some flies Personal space by Wayne Scott, on Flickr
  17. Scott199

    Just Bert

    Just having a little play last night. thoughts ?
  18. Scott199

    F10 and its ratios

    Hi asked this in chat but it seems more complicated than i first thought (well kind of) My basic question was "the F10 RTU (ready to use) sold by shops, what ration is it mixed as" i know the levels are subject to use, but if im using it direct to food bowls/toys/perches i prefer to trust them...
  19. Scott199

    Bert letting us know he's ready to get up.

    Got sent this yesterday by the wife, she was up earlier than normal with a bad stomach around 6am (bert gets up about 8:30) Now normally he say's a word or two, gets a reply and he goes back to sleep but yesterday he didn't get a reply from her as she was going to try and sleep on the couch...
  20. Scott199

    Bert sleeping but then :)

    Bert was having a lovely little snooze all fluffy and looking nice but as i took the pic my missus picked up the biscuits This is his "what you think your doing look"
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