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  1. Bird safe pans

    Hi thanks for the reply.I have been searching for the judge stainless steel pans as suggested but haven’t been able to find any that say it’s pfoa and ptfe free. Do you know what they are called in the description to see if they come up when I search. Thank you...
  2. Bird safe pans

    Hi I am looking for parrot safe pans to use.Would Scoville pure never stick 5 piece cookware set be safe to use.It says pfoa free in the description and they are made of toughened aluminium. Thanks Angela
  3. Cage heater

    Thank you I will try the sheet or curtain and see how he is when it’s over him.
  4. Cage heater

    Hi thanks for the reply.We have only had Wilson for six months as he was gifted to us by a relative as they didn’t have much time to give him plenty of attention which he needed and they were out a lot of the time most days so he was usually left on his own for long periods of time.He gets...
  5. Cage heater

    Hi I have an African grey called Wilson who’s 15 years old.I have been looking at cage warmers/heaters and infrared heat lamps as it’s starting to get colder in the night time now and want to get one ready for him.We have the heating on until we go to bed but I was looking for something to...
  6. New Member

    Hi new member here thanks for letting me join.We have an African grey parrot called Wilson aged fifteen years which was recently re homed with us in April.He was living with my daughter and her boyfriend and his mum before this but they asked us if we would like to look after him as they are out...
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