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  1. JackAndRob

    Feathers growing back?

    I think the moult frequency and duration (for want of better words) depends very much on the species. Our budgies seem to moult quite often and rapidly. It's like a snow storm, especially if they are in sync. They look quite tatty for a while then all the new feathers come through quickly...
  2. JackAndRob

    It's all Greek

    Get your coat, D. These are getting worse ;)
  3. JackAndRob

    Poorly Amazon Parrot

    She knows where to go to seek comfort, which is brilliant.
  4. JackAndRob

    Poorly Amazon Parrot

    My goodness, you are working hard, understandably, and to her credit, Eddie seems to be a fighter too. Sincerely, my best wishes to you both. Perhaps the choking is down to a combination of injury and recovery from treatment, plus weakened state due to lack of food intake? Eddie may be...
  5. JackAndRob

    Ekkie earrings

    We don't wear any jewellery, watches, etc in the house. They are all targets for Jessie & Frankie, and I now have a large collection of shirts that I can only wear in the house as Jessie has removed or broken the buttons off them, or chewed holes in the fabric.
  6. JackAndRob

    Ekkie earrings

    @Michael Reynolds It would have been nice, but the World Parrot Trust only have the male ekkie earrings. They do have a pin badge with a male and female.
  7. JackAndRob

    Poorly Amazon Parrot

    @Eddie Have you called ahead? I am not sure about Adam's availability. Adam is our regular avian vet. We have four budgies, a Jardine and an Eclectus. They all get regular check-ups.
  8. JackAndRob

    Poorly Amazon Parrot

    I am not sure about availability right now, but you could try the avian specialist that we use: Adam Lloyd-Lucas Southcrest Veterinary Centre 01527 550 111 97 Mount Pleasant Redditch Worcs B97 4JD. 20 miles (45 mins) via Bromsgrove.
  9. JackAndRob

    Ekkie earrings

    A Christmas stocking filler for Yin And here's a real one, for comparison :)
  10. JackAndRob

    Friday 20th December

    A wet afternoon here in Worcestershire, but calm and mild. Jessie continues to act up and it is getting bad enough that I don't let her settle on Yin. She has given me a couple of very hard bites today and would have given more if I didn't very firmly put her back in her cage. She is aiming for...
  11. JackAndRob

    Budgie respiratory problem

    We took a sneezing budgie to our avian vet a few months ago and he also recommended the F10 steam treatment. Prevention is always better than cure, so we regularly run a nebuliser and none of our birds have shown any signs of respiratory issues since. We use it with one part F10 to 250 parts...
  12. JackAndRob

    Wednesday 18th Dec

    Morning all, Worcestershire is blanketed in fog. I'm working from home today (and it's my last day of work for this year - hurrah!), but I urged my wife, Yin, to take extra care when driving to work. She is not an experienced driver and fog in the dark often plays tricks on our eyes. Feeling...
  13. JackAndRob

    Small celebration for some progress

    Getting to know the character and personality of, and developing the relationship with, our birds is part of the joy of caring for them. Mally coming to you like that is a huge step for both of you. Telling that to someone that is not familiar with birds and it will probably not raise an...
  14. JackAndRob

    Omega 3

    Hmm, someone once threw some cod at me in the chippy. I felt a bit battered.
  15. JackAndRob


    So last season. It's webbed feet now, darling.
  16. JackAndRob


    In truth there is no such thing as a talking bird. They can mimic sounds that they hear, including human speech. Some birds are prolific mimickers and some will never repeat anything you say, no matter how many times you say it. I believe that most birds that mimic start when they are late...
  17. JackAndRob

    So what's folks opinions on this

    Interior designers, not avian experts.
  18. JackAndRob


    I don't think that is is necessary to use mineral water, but we filter our tap water and use that for ourselves and our birds. We used a water purifier for a while and the water tasted of, well, nothing. Boring. Tasteless. It actually takes some getting used to. We used to collect water from...
  19. JackAndRob

    Breakfast now served

    Tidymix for the budgies and AS30 for eclectus and Jardine. I believe that all the ingredients are "fit for human consumption" and they do look quite appetising, but stealing food from our birds? C'mon ;) As for the fresh food, that's easy. I could happily munch through all the food in the...
  20. JackAndRob

    Breakfast now served

    The small bowls go in the budgie cage. This is enough to stop any arguing about food, especially first thing in the morning. There are four large bowls - two fruit/veg, one seed/pellet, one water - for Jardine Jessie's and Eclectus Frankie's cages.
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