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  1. dianaT

    Thursday 21st October

    @DizzyBlue Wow those soon arrived only posted yesterday afternoon! Enjoy. Still dry and sunny here but cold.
  2. dianaT

    Incredibly timid kakariki

    :welcome: All good advice given. Can we have a photo of your Maggie please:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. dianaT

    Thursday 21st October

    Good morning everyone, Awful about your garden Michael I hope your landlord will get on and sort it out. Hope your vacuum works. Sunny down here today but much colder. Dogs had their wormers today so am expecting much wind later! Tesco delivery came, but they have altered their invoice talk...
  4. dianaT

    Meet JoeJoe

    Welcome JoeJoe you are one lucky chap to have found such a good loving home. he is gorgeous @Roz . (I think I may know Mandy too from way back). Looking forward to many updates.
  5. dianaT

    Fireworks – Bonfire Night – New Year’S Eve

    I am pleased to read that Sainsburys and Waitrose are not selling Fireworks also Asda are selling No Sound Fireworks and the RSPCA have launched this
  6. dianaT

    Wednesday 20th October 2021

    Good evening, lovely to see the various flocks gathering. we still get the Canada Geese and I've seen some flocks of Starlings too. I keep meaning to ask after Ginger blob, good he's keeping warm. Weather awful here last night but sunny all day thank goodness as went to hairdressers this...
  7. dianaT

    Ringneck Parrot

    :welcome: A lovely bird, what is it's name? I cannot see the dark ring around its neck so I guess it is a hen. As for biting unfortunately that is what parrots do, but I would not place a hand over it as you are doing to try and scratch it's head, that is quite scary for a bird, plus not all...
  8. dianaT

    Tea break

    I was in the kitchen making a drink and hubby asked for a tea bag and mince pie - then complained!
  9. dianaT

    Tuesday 19th October

    Good afternoon, how is everyone? Wet and windy down here, very wet and windy it's not stopped at all. I have a few more bulbs to plant but no chance of doing them yet. Hope it stops tomorrow as have hairdresser appointment. Not much news really, we all plod on.
  10. dianaT

    Pumpkin for chickens

    I've no idea I copied it.
  11. dianaT

    Pumpkin for chickens

    Though @Wendy Cooper-Wolfe and @MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo @Yellowchickenparrot and those with chicken may like this idea
  12. dianaT

    Monday 18th October

    @Michael Reynolds so sorry Tiny passed away. Fly free little one xx Pleased to hear you have teeth again.
  13. dianaT

    Any advice welcome

    :welcome: from me. Good advice given above.:thumbsup:
  14. dianaT

    Monday 18th October

    Good morning How is everyone today? It's raining hard down here and chilly too. Was going to plant a few more bulbs today but changed my mind. Parrots are all quiet having their morning nap. Lots of beak grinding going on. Boxer sleeps more on his flat perch these days, in fact he sleeps more...
  15. dianaT

    Glow Worm

  16. dianaT

    African grey

    :welcome:You may like to contact The Parrot Society they have breeders who advertise in their magazine. if you google them you will find their contact details.
  17. dianaT

    Sunday 17 October 21

    Yorky puds to go with our roast. Help yourself.
  18. dianaT

    Sunday 17 October 21

    Good morning @Terry556 and everyone, a dull morning down here looks like it may rain. Am pondering on whether to get the vacuum out today or pop to Milford Haven Lidl, think I'll have a coffee and think about it! Good to hear you have a Sunday roast, we always have one and look forward to it...
  19. dianaT

    Saturday 16th October

    Good morning, still dark outside but is supposed to become a fine day. Will head off to Neyland again this morning too see if I can get the the chemist & Co-op today. I hear that someone in France won the Euro Millions last night the jackpot being £184 million , cannot even imagine what we...
  20. dianaT

    Friday 15th October

    Had another surprise this afternoon more visitors, niece, and her hubby who live in Northampton and our nephew who lives in town down here turned up! Lovely to see them so we all had cuppas and cake and a good chat. so it's been a busy afternoon.
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