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  1. nikol witch

    Hi Photos Update From Seth,loki Merlin And The New Addition To The Flock Zuri!

    Hi everyone as i told you few weeks ago i rehomed a new female parrot,a senegal one, her name is Zuri and she is the sister of Merlin my other female senegal. They have the same age too!! However Zuri is getting along nice with me and my family but not with the rest of the birds. She is very...
  2. nikol witch

    Good Evening Friends :)

    Hello everyone,i hope you are fine!!!! Possibly on December i will be for few days in London for a Nightwish gig!!!! I wonder if anyone of you live in London or nearby so we can meet each other for a beer,a cup of tea or coffee :) !!!!!
  3. nikol witch

    Hi I Am Back!with A New Baby Parrot Soon.

    Hello my friends, how are you these days? I was off for a long time. I have ssssooo many problems, a court,unfinished yet, some health problems and tons of work here at my job. But i decided to find some time everyday to write you from now and on. My 3 babies are great, they are getting older...
  4. nikol witch

    Some More Photos Of The Attical Park

    The picture i will show you are NOT mine. They belong to the park and are simply for sharing. You will see many diferent kinds of birds, such as owls, vultures,marabus, hornbills, eagles, flamincos, african penguins, babies etc etc etc. Enjoy.
  5. nikol witch

    New Alekos And More Parrots

    2 days ago on Sunday i did it and i visited Alekos and the other animals. He got really mad in happiness when he saw me.He immediately came to me through flying and climbing too. Enjoy some photos. Tell me what you think of him and the rest parrots. I really love that guy, i wish i could...
  6. nikol witch

    Loki And Seth On Painting Acting Silly...

    Hello my frinds from my office. I thought to show you  some fresh pics i tooklast night Merlin my female senegal didn't want to come out of her cage, but my two boys enjoyed it a little bit.
  7. nikol witch

    Fresh Shots Of Seth!

    Hello my friends, here is my adorable Seth few days ago on my sofa. Forgive me for the bad analysis of the pictures, it is from my mobile without flash. Isn't his face adorable?????
  8. nikol witch

    Here I Am!me And My Flock!

    Hello my friends, sorry for getting lost these few months. I was really busy like hell with my work and some personal problems. Actually, i still am very busy, not in very good mood etc etc. But i missed the forum. By the way i have news to tell you. Do you remember my two senegals Ira &...
  9. nikol witch

    Some New Shots Of My Kids :) Ira,merlin,seth

    Here i would like to show some fresh and brand new shots of my babies. They say hi to all of you...
  10. nikol witch

    Facebook Account Profiles

    Hello friends. I was wondering if anyone of you has facebook. I found by chance Scarletts yesterday while i was searching for some information at the forum's page in facebook. This is mine,you can add if you like but i would appreciate if you tell me before who you are.Thank you...
  11. nikol witch

    Attic Zoological Park Part 2!

    I am going to drive you all nuts hehehe.(i hope). As i said on weekend i visited again my favourite zoo and took many photos of the parrots, i start with the beautiful macaws. The Hyacinth is really friendly, i decided to touch his leg hahaha,also you can see some of the greenwinged,scarlets...
  12. nikol witch

    Alekos-The Little Corella Cockatoo,of Attical Zoological Park!

    My beautiful baby Alekos of the Attica park of Spata in Greece near Athens, is an 11 years old cockatoo, little corella that is somehow on eof the mascots of the park. I told you some things about him in the previous post for the Attical park. He is very cuddly sweet calm, very very...
  13. nikol witch

    Attica Zoological Park

    Hell-o friends. In Greece and specifically in Spata, a small town very near Athens we have the only and greatest zoological park of our country and it is one of the best among Europe It has 2.000 animals of 300 different spieces and in great conditions. Back on 2011 i worked there for few...
  14. nikol witch

    More Pictures Of The Sweet Babies Of Mine!

    Seth the silly caique, Merlin the mad senegal and Ira the crazy little senegal as well. Arent they too sweet and cut little faces.But do not deceive you,they can bite everyone excpet me,or maybe Merlin sometimes when she is too angry hahaha.
  15. nikol witch

    My Lovely Babies,my Heart!

    Here i am going to show you my three (at the moment) babies!!! My two female senegals, Merlin and Ira. Merlin talks unstoppably, and says in Greek of course words such as ''little baby'' and ''little babies''/ in singular and plural, ''baby'' and ''sneaky''. Also sends kisses all the time...
  16. nikol witch

    Hello Ladies And Gentlemen...

    Hi to all, i am Nikol and i am from Hellas. I love parrots, they are my favourite birds. Mostly i love medium and bigger sized parrots, but i do not say no to the small ones as well. At the moment i have 2 senegal , they are females. Merlin is 1,5 years old, and Ira is almost 7 months old...
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