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  1. karendean46

    Getting a rose crowned conure

    Rose crowned conure coming to his new home ( us) Anyone who has had one anytime any info much appreciated. My wife has a green cheeked conure
  2. karendean46

    Really Unfair On Birds

    Hi all Went to c a lady a couple of weeks ago who was advertising a Alexandrine for sale, not sure if should mention the said site but anyways..... Wife always wanted an alexandrine. I talked to lady, she'd already had a bid but talked to me, accepted our offer then told wife, saw bird...
  3. karendean46

    My Boy Missed Me

    Got home tonight and this!!! Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk
  4. karendean46

    I'm Back After A While Out!!

    Hi all. Haven't been on line for a while, many reasons which include wife's health (she has Lupus), my lack of time due to work and my loss of a phone!!! Anyways I'm back. My wife has 2 greys. I have a decorps cockatoo and a Electus male. Also in cage upstairs a cockatail a conure and a Diddy...
  5. karendean46

    My Too!!!

    My smiling baby!!! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  6. karendean46

    Hi From Ashford

    Hi, joined the forum yesterday, really enjoyed parrot show in Maidstone, brought a ringneck (hen semi tame but still a bit unsure, bite marks to prove it!!) Already had a cockatoo and macaw, both unseeded as we keep our birds as pets, not to breed. Also have a make shift aviary which are 4...
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