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  1. Wera

    Sunday 17 October 21

    Morning everyone, just came back from vets with Bluey… still waiting on some results but seems it’s going to be good news there and her excessive screaming and some other odd behaviours has no health reasons… we are both laughing how we knew the truth yet had to pay someone to believe it🤣
  2. Wera

    Saturday 16th October

    Good morning all, chaos today in here… I am starting to believe secret one human and two parrots council meeting took place at some point and outcome of it wasn’t kind for me🤣tried to give girls breakfast, both flew out of cages and I thought they just want to have little flight around house...
  3. Wera

    Our 55th wedding anniversary today

    Congratulations 🎉 have a great day 😘
  4. Wera

    Ziggy the IRN

    He is beautiful 😍 one of mine wasn’t keen on veggies at the beginning when I got her, what helped us was hanging pieces of broccoli, pepper and carrots on forging stick, although at first she was treating it more like a shredding toy than food 😂what she liked with no problem was steamed sweet...
  5. Wera

    A New Parrot

    Yeah two separate cages is better idea… how long you had IRN for?
  6. Wera

    A New Parrot

    I really would separate them, sorry to say that but they will not get closed by being forced to live together…how big is current cage? Maybe you could divide it into two by mesh panel?
  7. Wera

    Vert, the bird that won't shut up

    That sounds like female mating behaviour
  8. Wera

    Vert, the bird that won't shut up

    Oh and another thing… shower… after shower usually she is too busy with preening to even think about screaming😂
  9. Wera

    Vert, the bird that won't shut up

    Hi, I have 2 IRN and one of them is a screamer, another not really, she usually excessively screams only if she is in the cage and can’t be with us, once out she will happily stay near and play with something, I am trying to reduce Bluey’s screaming but she only been with us for not even 4...
  10. Wera

    Cage advice

    Thank you Michael, I am gonna pass on it, apparently there is one more available, as well no rust or chipped paint, just slight bend on one of the trays, it’s slightly smaller width (162cm) but bar spacing is 1.7cm…I wonder would it work…
  11. Wera

    Cage advice

    Good evening everyone, I was wondering if anyone used LIBERTA ENDEAVOR 2ND EDITION LARGE DOUBLE CAGE ? It’s double cage with divider, I was basically offered it for free by someone as he knew we are looking for better cage options for our 2 girls ( both IRN) cage is in great condition, no rust...
  12. Wera

    Kakariki being a pest!!!

    Hi Martin, I don’t have much experience with kakarikis but not long ago I was in your shoes, in July we adopted second IRN and at the beginning their relationship was disastrous, constant chasing each other and they were even going for each other’s feet, for some time I kept them on separate...
  13. Wera


    Not sure is this the best, but we have both parrots insured by exotic direct, they got 3 types of cover : basic ( doesn’t include vet fees) essential and premium, both essential and premium include vet fees, I think there is another insurance company British Pet Insurance which insures parrots...
  14. Wera

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

    If flying into windows happens often stickers can help, at least it helped us with our previous parrot Rio, his previous owners didn’t let him much out of the cage so his flight skills weren’t great but stickers solved the problem of flying into living room window
  15. Wera

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

    Friend of mine got roller blinds and then on the top of it insect screens, the only worry about type of insect screens she has is that they would accidentally go up, hence she always puts blinds down about three quarters of the window length, but she only opens windows in tilted way, my windows...
  16. Wera

    Sunday 19th September

    Good evening everyone, Hope everyone had a good day, I just wanted to say that this forum is great and as well say big thank you for all helpful advice, some of you might remember that I posted a while ago that one of my parrots is very scared of mop and mopping turns her into angry growling...
  17. Wera

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

    :welcome:It might be worth to make sure breeder doesn’t clip baby wings, happened to someone I know, breeder clipped her baby parrots wings as they claimed it’s more safe for parrot and it’s going to be easier for my friend to tame him
  18. Wera


    Just a thought although not sure how useful… when we had a sick parrot vet gave me good idea, we put inside cage horizontally untreated pine wood panel(drilled holes in it and kind of tied it to the cage bars) on the top of the panel we put foam sheet and then cover it with newspaper and towels...
  19. Wera

    Happy Birthday Dizzyblue

    Happy birthday, enjoy your day:ura:
  20. Wera

    Happy Birthday Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    All the best 🎁 🍷 🎉
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