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  1. Nikki h

    A Few Enjoying A Shower!

    Making the most if the good weather xx Scooter Ziggy Lippy Lou Lou Buster and Haggis not impressed Dexter, gypsy and Bonnie will be out in a bit
  2. Nikki h

    Humphries House!

    Here a pic of my lot...there's is 7 of 8 on here but you can't see gypsy she's right at the back looking out of the window, but the brightness hides her...Dexter is the only one you can't see x
  3. Nikki h

    Nictitating Membrane

    here's lippy x A lil interesting read
  4. Nikki h

    My Bunch!

    My lil lot! Haggis Buster Bonnie Gypsy Scooter Lippy Ziggy And finally Dexter
  5. Nikki h

    A Few More Of This Beauty <3

    She's just a total sweetheart x
  6. Nikki h

    Scooter Having Fun In The Garden

  7. Nikki h

    My Beautiful Bonnie

  8. Nikki h

    You Still Think You Might Want A Cockatoo?

    Just 22 seconds of the typical noise level in my house...Ofcourse this isn't constant all day long, but there are many hours away this noise level does....can you live with this?? Can your neighbours?? Please give it some thought before rushing in to get one of these beautiful many...
  9. Nikki h

    Too Soon Lil Angel Xxxxx Fly Free Sweet Treacle Xxxxx

    It's with such a heavy heart I share this news....this wonderful perfect lil girl has been taken to the Angels way way way too's thought that in her excitement to get out to see her wonderful mum when she got home that she may have fallen and broken her neck in the cage. Mandi is...
  10. Nikki h


    Isn't he a cutie ? X
  11. Nikki h

    I've Not Been About A Lot The Last Few Weeks But Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas Xxx

    Merry Christmas guys enjoy and be merry xxx
  12. Nikki h

    Cute Lil Video For You Lou Xx

  13. Nikki h

    Cute Lil Video For You Lou Xx

  14. Nikki h

    For Lou Xx

    A few gorgeous ones of Lous two girls and the others x
  15. Nikki h

    Some Recent Ones Of A Few Of Mine X

    Lil and large!! Bonnie and scooter enjoying the sun Scooter Ziggy making short work of the bench Softy lad Mark and his friends
  16. Nikki h

    Thinking Of Clipping?

    Think again.......These wings are meant to fly!
  17. Nikki h

    Scooter And Haggis

    Scooter liked his new toy So did haggis! Here's one shoring scooters lovely colours I his wings
  18. Nikki h

    Baby Green Cheek Conures

    This little fella is going to Julie's daughter, he's been named stark This lil boy is staying pretty local, going to a lady about half an hour away These two lil crackers are going to live with Lou! Meet Aubrey and tallulah
  19. Nikki h


    Morning guys had a message in the night asking me to give my honest opinions on toos for pets.... Great to see people asking others before jumping in to take on one of these beauties...thought I'd share my reply to her as I think it's a good insight in to what you can expect from a too!! Lol xx...
  20. Nikki h

    Baby Conures For Lou And Julie

    Here's james and Dylan's baby conure chicks....all have found lovely homes
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