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  1. marley

    Little Guys

    I took in a little BHC months back and it is a very scared little thing and is frightened of it's own shadow. It's very young and still in baby feathers. Anyway tried to get it in with another but to no avail so been living on it's own but another little baby has just come through it's disease...
  2. marley


    You might remember before Christmas I took in a load of parrots on the quick, well they have all settled very well and now after extensive blood tests etc are sorted into the their new homes. I am terrible at taking pics so please excuse the rubbish shots but this is two of the greys, one was...
  3. marley

    Amazon Needing Home?

    As I have an RSPCA parrot here I got sent this link, I know a few peeps on here are looking for a parrot??
  4. marley

    Don't Tell The Wife!!

    Not meant to be taking in any more parrots but these came along and needed a quick decision so 4 more mouths to feed! They are in the quarantine shed and waiting for blood tests, am not working away till early November so hoping can hide them from the Mrs till then by which time their bloods...
  5. marley

    My New Little Friend!

  6. marley

    Four Legged Rescues

    Not sure if I have mentioned before that I was involved in some horse rescue, I have cut back a lot for some time now due to personal stuff but these two little colts came my way in the spring and I thought you guys might like a look?
  7. marley

    Nice Tee Shirts?

    Saw this add and thought I would copy on here if it's OK with admin, I don't know anything about the company but thought the product looked stunning,30508#dj-classifieds
  8. marley

    Another New Block

    Spent two days putting up another block of flights, I am getting too old for this building lark! Just got the roofs to go tomorrow.
  9. marley

    Further To Dizzy's Question

    from the blue front thread, Dizzy asked; ["got to ask who is the little feathered one in the second photo in the background looks like another ammie beauty? @marley"] This one is called baby, she was a wild caught import who was given to me from a quarantine station who said she would not...
  10. marley

    New Overflow For The Rescues

    As you may know I take a few rescue birds in here and decided that I needed to sort some new housing, I will try to get better pics at the weekend but this is the first stage; This is a new room as the others are full up, who needs a workshop anyway! The small double cage has access to 9...
  11. marley

    Meyers Needs A New Home

    I have been asked to find a new home for a meyers parrot, if anyone is looking for a small tame bird this might be the one for you. It has been a family pet from a chick and now has to be rehomed due to an illness in the family, they just can't cope with pets at the moment. The bird is closed...
  12. marley

    Older Bird New Pellets

    My Grey who is now about 15 has never eaten pellets but  we have never really persevered with them, we feed a low sunflower mix and fruit/veg plus pasta and rice and have always been happy with that but I obtained a bag of zupreem avian entrees spicey and he goes nuts for them, I orignally...
  13. marley

    Warning Graffic Injury Photo - Rehomes!

    I have several rescue parrots here, some very difficult ones included, I have just been asked by a vet to take an umbrella cockatoo which was apparently bought from a breeder by a friend of the lady who now has it, she took it on because it was too noisy for her friend and was destined for the...
  14. marley

    Got The Begging Bowl Out

    Think I forgot to feed him this morning!
  15. marley

    Who Wants To Name This One?

    Not a great one for breeding parrots as I am more than aware that there are too many in rescue but I have a pair of meyers that I really like and want to try to get a few pairs together, these are for parent rearing to get breeding birds not for pets as such although I am aware that they do get...
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