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  1. Oli Fry

    Clayton and Grumpy

    This is a long shot, but would any established members of this forum potentially be able to board Clayton and Grumpy for a few weeks? I have a situation with my (very reasonable and lovely) close neighbours who are desperate for some respite from Grumpy's chatter...and we are planning another...
  2. Oli Fry

    Protecting exposed woodwork

    Hi all. I have bought yet another new shed to attach to Clayton and Grumpy's aviary (we moved house recently). It's of excellent quality but the internal beams are exposed. Does anyone have any tips for how to protect them from busy beaks? I was wondering about strips of sheet metal, or...
  3. Oli Fry

    Painting an aviary

    Does anyone have any experience of painting weld mesh and aluminium frames? Having moved house yet again I'm reconfiguring my aviary and have found the green bitumen I used last time is already flaking. This time I'll use a proper primer underneath the paint - but can anyone recommend one that...
  4. Oli Fry

    Social distancing

  5. Oli Fry

    Birdworld, Surrey

    Has anyone been there recently and is it any good? I might take my daughter on Saturday...although it's all about me really.
  6. Oli Fry

    Hyacinth baby at London Zoo

    Just spent the day at London Zoo with my daughter and was delighted to see a baby hyacinth with its parents. According to a keeper the pair have been together for twelve years before breeding for the first time. Well worth a visit as the birds are immaculate and seem very happy and playful...
  7. Oli Fry


    Clayton and Grumpy like to have some human food every evening before they go to roost. Usually this consists of steamed vegetables or pasta or a bit of oily fish or other healthy fare. However last night I let them have some Weetabix with oatmilk. Unfortunately they loved it so much, I let...
  8. Oli Fry

    Clayton And Grumpy Come Home

    They've finally moved in to their new aviary....
  9. Oli Fry

    Nest Boxes

    Does anyone know where a decent nest box can be bought? I need something suitable for African greys, made of thick wood. It more for recreation than serious breeding as Grumpy does like to rummage about. The one I currently have is not really strong or deep enough for outdoor use.
  10. Oli Fry

    Whipsnade Zoo

    Just seen the 'birds of the world' free flight display at Whipsnade. Hyacinths, scarlets, militaries and...a pair of African greys flying very speedily around a large outdoor area. It was great! Apparently their goal is to have a large 'squadron' of free-flying greys.
  11. Oli Fry

    Grumpy Is About To Lay Eggs

    Some of you will have followed the saga of Grumpy the African grey and her recent escape and recovery. Thanks again for all the encouragement. Anyway, it seems that absence really does make the heart grow fonder as she and Clayton have been observed mating - for the first time in ten years...
  12. Oli Fry

    Housing African Greys Communally

    Hi there. Does anyone have any experience of housing greys in a small flock situation? I'm in the process of finishing a large new aviary for Clayton and Grumpy (both tame, parent reared and not pair bonded) and would like them to live as naturally as possible. I'm thinking about adding one or...
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