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  1. poo clean up

    ekswhat's the best way to clean off clothing & furniture after it's been 'blessed' by the bired? Is Poopoff as good as it claims to be? I'm using kitchen roll & baby wipes & wearing old clothes but if there's any other methods you'd recommend I'd love to hear them. Or should I save up & buy...
  2. sharp claws

    Piper probably needs his claws trimming but as he's been with me for such a short time I thought it would be best to leave it for a little while. I'm waiting for a nail trimming perch to reach me & hopefully that will help, and I saw Roz's tutorial on how she worked with her bird to get this...
  3. best way to get a new bird clean

    thank you. Do you use a pump spray or one that's continous? thank you. What a silly thing to do.
  4. best way to get a new bird clean

    Piper the caique has been here 5 days and is eating everything he's been given so far except red pepper:) He now has a slightly sticky beak & the feathers around it also look a bit grubby. He hasn't tried to dunk his face in the water bowl or try to clean as far as I've seen. So would it be...
  5. calling all the time

    thank you. My friend has been researching various sites and reverting came up a number of times. It did remind me of a baby bird begging for food so I'm going to try this. They suggested scrambled eggs also which I'm going to try tonight. I think that it was not knowing what the problem is...
  6. calling all the time

    thank you It just feels as if he's asking for something but I don't know what. He has been quieter the last hour or so but he's been investigating and sitting on my hand. Still whistling :D
  7. calling all the time

    thank you His name is Piper but no photos yet - hopefully soon. He was fully weaned - it was a long journey for him poor soul to come here. I am whistling (very badly alas :)) and talking to him quietly. Right now he investingating and is quiet. I was so surprised when he came out of the...
  8. calling all the time

    my caique has been here for about a day and a half. He is calling loudly practically all the time. He's come out of the cage and sat on my hand without any prompting, even fell asleep on my arm this afternoon. I'm just worried that he is distressed even if he's not showing any signs of fear...
  9. a new bird has just come home

    Thank you - I thought that it wasn't the best thing but I wanted to make sure about it. I'm a first time parrot owner so I want to do the best I can for him. (The breeder just told me it was a he when I thought it was a she.)
  10. a new bird has just come home

    It was a video I saw and the person, who runs an animal rescue sanctuary, said this was the best way to help them settle in. I wasn't sure about this - I thought it was extreme - so that's why I asked. When I read Wendy'd post I started to talk and try to whistle :D It made sense to me so thank...
  11. a new bird has just come home

    thank you - I saw some of her threads & was very impressed so that would be great
  12. a new bird has just come home

    thank you. I still haven't decided on a name & when I told the breeder we'd arrived safely he said he thought that it's a he!!! when I thought it would be a she. I'm a bit confused but hopefully he isn't :D I'm talking quietly and he's responding. I did think it wasn't the best thing to do to...
  13. a new bird has just come home

    hello, I've just got back with my caique and put her into her cage. She went in quite easily. I've put the cover on, leaving the front panel raised but put it so that it hides a couple of perches out of sight. She has water & the food that the breeder has been feeding her - seeds and some...
  14. about cages

    hello I'm researching cages for a caique at the moment & have been reading old threads. I've had a look in Amazon & they have cages by Yaheetech - has anyone one tried them? They have good Amazon reviews. I want to get the biggest cage I can but do have a limit on what I can spend:( Any...
  15. travelling with caiques

    thank you so much for that advice. It's good to know that someone else has made a similar journey. I was thinking about trying one of the backpack carriers and thanks for telling me about the fruit. I now feel a lot more confident about this. btw - you have some very lovely birds :D
  16. travelling with caiques

    thank you very much - that's good to know that you've done a similar journey
  17. travelling with caiques

    thank you so much for your advice - I now feel a lot better about this
  18. travelling with caiques

    hi everyone, I've been looking to buy a caique as I have a lot of free time to spend with one. The problem is I live in east central Scotland and the birds for sale are in England. Also I'd have to travel by train because I don't drive. Has anyone any advice about travelling with birds this...
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