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  1. Bradders

    Happy Birthday Bradders

    Thanks everyone, hope you and your birdies are all safe and well! :wave:
  2. Bradders

    Happy Birthday Bradders

    Ahh thank you ladies! Now in the last year of my forties. Need to make this year count! Hope you and your feathered flock are all well. 😁
  3. Bradders

    Caption Competition #109

    Oh no! I’m so sorry! I completely forgot! All comments were brilliant and very tricky to judge. Have to give second place to @Yellowchickenparrot because it really made me laugh BUT first place goes to @Setanta for the reason I can just imagine Ruby thinking that! She is a bit of a diva...
  4. Bradders


    Ha! Love it!
  5. Bradders

    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    Oh no! Looks ok from this end and someone has replied. Maybe have another try.
  6. Bradders

    Sunday 17th November 2019

    Hi everyone! A bit damp in Manchester also! Love this time of year despite the rain! My acer trees turned into gorgeous reds and yellows recently but, unfortunately were all stripped within a couple of days so there’s only a few leaves left now! Having a quiet day here, hope you all have a...
  7. Bradders

    Caption Competition #109

    Here’s the new caption competition everyone! Here’s a pic of Princess Ruby!
  8. Bradders

    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    Ok, no time like the present! 😁
  9. Bradders

    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    Yay! Thank you! *takes a bow*. Special thanks to Ruby who was my inspiration. She has a special relationship with our google home hub. Can get it to play or stop playing music and broadcast her own voice around the house. Currently learning to switch lights on and off! What happens now...
  10. Bradders

    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    “Hey Google, play ‘The Birdie Song’!”
  11. Bradders

    Happy Hatchday Denarii 6 Today

    Yay! Happy Hatchday little sweetheart! Same age as Rubes now but only for a short time!
  12. Bradders

    Monday 4th November

    👋 Hi everyone, Hope you’ve had a good day! Officially back at work now though it was a teacher day so eased in gently! Ruby is scared of most things but not usually affected by fireworks until last night. One of the neighbours must have had a bit of a display so it was continuous for a while...
  13. Bradders

    Sunday 3rd November

    Agree completely @dianaT 👍
  14. Bradders


    I don’t think people realise how unpredictable and dangerous water can be! Reminds me of the time a family from Liverpool had to be rescued from Snowdon many years ago. Nice sunny day at the foot of the mountain, so thought it a great idea to climb to the top with their young children all...
  15. Bradders

    Sunday 3rd November

    Good morning! Recycling is definitely more complicated than it used to be! Our kitchen is tiny and we’ve just invested in what I call a superbin! One bin with compartments for paper, plastics and even food waste! I had separate small bins anyway so probably not much difference in size but will...
  16. Bradders

    Weird perch

    Ruby would be terrified! Years after buying them, we still can’t use rope perches! Still come in useful though, we hook them over doors to prevent her landing there! Works a treat! 😂
  17. Bradders


    Aww thank you! Just heard back from vets and they can have her. I’m really happy as they have her annually anyway and she’s really at ease with them!
  18. Bradders

    Saturday 2nd November

    Good morning everyone! @dianaT That sounds a right nightmare! Hope today is less busy for you! We’re just off for a Parkrun! See ya later... 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
  19. Bradders


    Thanks for your suggestions! Not worth the stress so I’ve emailed the vets to see if they’ve got room for her. I’ve allowed for the time the decorator is there and three extra days to let it completely dry out. During this time, we will freeze by having all the windows open to help it along...
  20. Bradders

    Household cleaning ??

    I agree! Cheap and cheerful and no fumes! 👍
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