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  1. Bradders

    Caption Competition #109

    Here’s the new caption competition everyone! Here’s a pic of Princess Ruby!
  2. Bradders


    Hi everyone! Having some decorating done professionally. Ruby’s cage is located in our open plan dining room, hall stairs and landing. There is also no door leading to the kitchen. These rooms are the ones being decorated. Decorator is keen to use oil based paints but after emailing our...
  3. Bradders

    Happy Hatchday Rubes!

    Happy Hatchday to best birdie friend! 6 years today!
  4. Bradders

    My Name Is Ruby But What I Actually Get Called Is...

    My name is Ruby. What I actually get callled is: Rubes; Ruby Bird; Ruby Parrot Bird; Ruby, Ruby, Ruby (sung to tune of Kaiser Chiefs); Ruby Doo; Sweetheart, Chick, Chicken, Best Birdie Friend; Cheeky Monkey; Mucky Pup AND I can say all those names too! What do you get called?
  5. Bradders

    Shower Time!

    Well I’m so pleased with Ruby. For those who know her well, you will remember what a nightmare it was to shower her and then a couple of years ago, I discovered she would let me shower her but only if she was in her travel cage - a real breakthrough! Well, a few weeks ago she began to let us...
  6. Bradders

    Fire In Saddleworth

    There’s a huge fire on Saddleworth Moor and nearby properties are being evacuated. Now that’s quite a distance from where I live but the smoke is definitely close by. Have had to close all windows, the smell is that bad and have put purifier on max. Is this enough to protect Ruby or is there...
  7. Bradders

    Zazu’s Rescue

    It’s horrible when we hear of parrots becoming lost. Here’s a happy ending for one parrot thanks to the RSPCA and the fire service.
  8. Bradders

    Merry Christmas From Ruby!

    Oh she’s getting the hang of it now! Ruby: Hey Google, play Christmas Google: Sure, Here’s a Christmas playlist on Spotify.... She’s certainly getting into the Christmas spirit!
  9. Bradders

    Ruby The Dj

    Oh my clever girl has only gone and done it! She can now say, “Hey Google, play where’s me jumper?” and the home hub responds by playing the song! Happened once the other night but OH has finished work now so has been home all today! She did it four times! Need to teach her to ask for other...
  10. Bradders

    Ruby’s Hatchday!

    It’s another year older for Ruby! Five years today! When do the terrible twos end? Just kidding, she’s perfect in every way! Happy Hatchday Rubes!
  11. Bradders

    Advent Calendar Day Three

    Lots of great pictures yesterday thank you. Today’s theme (before we all get sick of them), your ultimate Christmas song! Mine is Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl
  12. Bradders

    Advent Calendar Day Two!

    Ok everyone! Due to lack of real advent calendars in your lives, I’m doing a daily one on here! So today, I want you to share your favourite Christmas presents from your childhood! Photos please! Either of the real thing (if you still have it) or Google image will do! These are mine!
  13. Bradders

    Advent Calandars!

    C’mon, share your advent calandars! This is mine!
  14. Bradders

    Hey Google!

    Well, a week after buying Google Home, Ruby picks up the phrase! Good job she hasn’t got a profile!
  15. Bradders

    Latest Story From My Vets

    Just seen this story on my vet's Twitter feed! Incredible!
  16. Bradders

    The Beauty Of Parrot Companionship

    I really get this!
  17. Bradders

    Free Rainforest Santa Marta Cage

    We've replaced Ruby's cage and OH says her old one might still have some life in it yet. There are some rust marks but these are in the parts Ruby has no access to and are quite small anyway. So if anyone wants it, it is free but you will have to collect. It's this model but in a lighter...
  18. Bradders

    I'll Never Understand How Ruby Thinks!

    Most of you will know that Ruby hates change in her cage and it's very difficult to add or replace new toys even when introduced gradually. Well last week we were away for the week and as usual Ruby stays at the vets. She has no problem adjusting to change of cage at all and the vet said that...
  19. Bradders

    What's For Tea Tonight?

    We're having butternut squash chilli with cauliflower rice. Ruby's version in the smaller pan! Her cage is going to be a mess!
  20. Bradders

    Favourite Parrot Moment!

    I've not started a thread for a while and just wondered what your favourite parrot moment is. Mine was when my son once stayed over and did not believe Ruby could speak. Well Ruby was sat on her tree and I asked her if she wanted vegetables for tea. Her reply was a clear "Yes please!" And my...
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