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  1. Bec90

    Help with gender x

    Good evening, We finally got our new baby budgie yesterday. He/she is 8 weeks old this Sunday. He is hand tame and warming to us very well. The only thing I’m confused about is the gender of baby. Can you please help me out. Thanks in advance xx
  2. Bec90

    What could happen?

    We have a beautiful boy who is about 7months old he is becoming very loving and enjoying our company more and more. He steps up every time, let’s us scratch and kiss him and will sit with us. We have had him 5 weeks! He seems very lonely however, so we have a hand reared baby of 7 weeks coming...
  3. Bec90


    Im beyond excited and had to share. Yesterday i got my first "kisses" on the nose from Rio. Shes now 19 weeks and getting so clever. Today i was rewarding her with treats everytime she done "kisses". She now knows to touch my nose with her beak to get a treat. Clever girlie
  4. Bec90

    Molting behaviour

    Evening everyone Rio is now 18 weeks old. She seems to be molting. She has lots of big pin feathers out the back of her neck and a few underneath too. Also alot on and around her little face. She has also been quite grouchy, does this come hand in hand? She will need come see us and walk all...
  5. Bec90

    Is this normal?

    Afternoon, The past few days we've noticed out ringneck who is 15 weeks old, now doesnt want to know us unless we have a treat to give her. She'll do her own thing and wont come to our call unless we give her a treat. She used to come sit with us, land on us whilst we walk about. Now shes not...
  6. Bec90

    Fear of fingers

    Hi everyone, My little pidge (IRN) is now amazing at flying to us when we call, landing on our hands, arms, heads anything we ask really. Yet she doesnt like fingers. She can be sitting on my hand next to my fingers but as soon as she sees your finger move or you get to close with fingers she...
  7. Bec90

    Love her to bits

    Anyone else love their birdies so much u could just squeeze them :p Weve only had Rio for 3 weeks but I just love her being here. Today she sat on my hand, arm and shoulders just nibbling her veg. No nips or bites I'm so impressed. Shes a bit weary of my partners kids as they are only over...
  8. Bec90


    Can I screw up some newspaper and let Rio play with it in her cage? Or is it toxic to birds? Also what about normal a4 paper? Many thanks
  9. Bec90


    Good evening everyone, Today we found out via DNA testing that our little Rio is a girl ❤❤ A little help if you can... so Rio is getting super confident with us over the last feew days. She will fly straight out of her cage to my head or my arm. I csnt help but get nervous when she walks up my...
  10. Bec90

    What does this noise mean?

    Sometimes when I go upto my IRN in the cage he makes a little cry, it sounds like a baby kitten and his eyes pin. I'm worried it's trying to be viscous to me. He then climbs up to my face height in the cage as if he wants to come to me. Again not sure wether it's to bite me or to be near me?
  11. Bec90


    Rio has come on so much over the last few weeks. We've had him 3 weeks today 🥰 He will now fly over to me and land on my hand or arm for a treat. However, once he has eaten his treat he then goes on to nipping and biting my arm. I pop my hand on his cage to let him hop back to his home but he...
  12. Bec90

    How do i react?

    Morning everyone, So my little Rio is coming on leaps and bounds. I can now hold a treat out and he will come sit on my hand and eat the treat. However once he's eaten the treat he then goes on to nip my hand. His not breaking skin but leaves a little mark. I tell him no and blow lightly at him...
  13. Bec90

    Our first step up!

    Day 17- wahoo today we got our first step up. I started introducing a perch by hand and at first he kept biting it so I took it away. Today I presented it to Rio and he pecked it with his beak and stepped onto it. I praised him and gave him a sun flower seed he flew straight on my head...
  14. Bec90


    Evening all, Weve had our 13 week old 2 weeks now. His gaining his trust very slowly. Some of you may have seen that he now lands on our heads (but not my fellas). I can feed him his food bowl when his out of the cage but he still seems to go for my fingers even tho theres food in his face! His...
  15. Bec90

    Just when i I thought...

    Just as I think we are making no progress Rio surprises me. Yesterday i started target clicker training. I started through the bars. He has taken to it amazing. Today I opened the cage door and he came right up to me and took the treats with the bars between us. He then was flying around having...
  16. Bec90

    Too early for bluffing?

    Evening everyone, So I'm wondering if my baby has started bluffing. He'll be 13 weeks on Thursday, is this too early?? He is very nippy if we put our hands or anything near him. He'll bite our ears etc and if we try step up he will lunge for us and bite. I can be talking calming with Rio...
  17. Bec90

    Making foraging toys

    Can I give my IRN an egg box and fill it with things?? Like veg or paper etc
  18. Bec90

    Trying to eat the bars

    Afternoon everyone, Quick question, when I go over to talk to my IRN he comes over and seriously biting the bars. Likes his trying to eat his way out!! He comes out on a daily basis. He has plenty of toys. Does anyone elses birds do this at all?
  19. Bec90

    Day 9 x

    Day 9 having baby Rio and his now eating out of our hands on top of his cage. He never used to let us hold our hands anywhere near him, only to feed him 1 seed at a time with our fingers. His loving the attention off our kids. However he did just have hold of my daughters finger and wouldnt let...
  20. Bec90

    No further forward...

    Evening all, Day 8 with Rio at home. His now comes straight out of his cage and his happy to sit on the top of his cage. He takes a couple of flights around the lounge and then settles on the cage. We offer our hands slowly to him yet he still flies away! We can get really close and he takes...
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