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  1. Roz

    Hello, I'm a new member who just joined.

    That’s fine if he won’t leave his cage - don’t force him. He’ll explore when he’s ready. Just keep leaving the cage door open so he has the choice. Think about what he can land on or where he can go if he decides to come out. You might want to fix a perch, or even a windy rope perch that leads...
  2. Roz

    New member

    Lol - great names! 😊
  3. Roz

    New member

    :welcome: Jackie! Your budgies are super cute. What are their names?
  4. Roz

    Hi new here :)

    :welcome: Zoe and Tiki! An exotic vet should be fine. I'd definitely take her to get it diagnosed and sorted out.
  5. Roz


    :welcome: to you and Ziggy!
  6. Roz


    Awwwwwwwww! Very cute indeed! :feel_loved:
  7. Roz

    Alexandrine Parrot Tilting Head

    I think the bird would not be so active if he was sick. I too think he might be too scared to come out yet. I’d leave him to settle inside his cage. Notice what items of food he picks out first from his food bowls. These will be his favourite things. Gradually you can work up to offering a...
  8. Roz

    Reinforcers And Parrots Who Are Fearful Of Humans

    Biting is communication. It sounds like your bird is uncomfortable at being touched for now. How long have you had him? What sort of bird is he? Right now, try not to do anything that results in a bite, because if you do, you are only teaching him to bite more in that circumstance. Instead of...
  9. Roz

    How To Sprout - Step By Step Guide

    Wow - it looks beautiful as well as practical. The mung beans certainly seem to like it! :biggrin:
  10. Roz


    The foot/leg looks awful. Will be interested to hear what the diagnosis is.
  11. Roz

    Juno update and an Unexpected new addition to the family

    :welcome: Barney! Sounds like the training is going well. 🥰 Glad Juno is almost back to full health. 😊
  12. Roz


    Poor little thing - glad he’s going to the vet for a closer look at what’s going on x
  13. Roz

    Happy Birthday Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    Can’t wait to see it! 😊
  14. Roz

    Happy Birthday Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    Happy Belated Birthday, Wendy! :dev14: :ura:
  15. Roz

    Scrub scrub

    :biggrin: Luna says, "you missed a bit!"
  16. Roz

    Hi I’m Avril

    :welcome: Avril and Charley!
  17. Roz

    Sunny Sunday 5th September 2021

    Ollie used to love strawberries too. So much so I used to grow them for him in the aviary and he would go out there to pick his own.
  18. Roz

    my Ruby

    So very sorry you lost your lovely Ruby. Fly free Ruby. :heart1:
  19. Roz

    Sunny Sunday 5th September 2021

    I made fly screens for my French doors and windows. Here the French doors to the conservatory are open but fly screens shut. That's Ollie Orange-wing on the floor. He was always investigating everything. He wasn't tame when he first arrived: Glad you aren't going to clip Biko's wings. It is...
  20. Roz

    Sunny Sunday 5th September 2021

    I got this one from the US Amazon as it was recommended by someone: I'm sure any that contain papaya would be good too.
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