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  1. JackAndRob

    Ekkie earrings

    A Christmas stocking filler for Yin And here's a real one, for comparison :)
  2. JackAndRob

    Wednesday 18th Dec

    Morning all, Worcestershire is blanketed in fog. I'm working from home today (and it's my last day of work for this year - hurrah!), but I urged my wife, Yin, to take extra care when driving to work. She is not an experienced driver and fog in the dark often plays tricks on our eyes. Feeling...
  3. JackAndRob

    Jessie's play

    Jessie now has a thing about hanging from my fingers, then laying on the hand that appears under her (just in case she falls!). She will happily play-bite my fingers , pick at her feet or preen her belly feathers. More red "big girl" feathers are coming through on her forehead and she has a...
  4. JackAndRob

    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    I'll run one, as they are fun! Here's Basil with his Bluetooth speaker.
  5. JackAndRob

    Saturday 2nd November

    Good morning all, An early start for me today, as wife Yin is going into work for some overtime. There's a backlog there, so she is helping out. Naturally, if she has to get up at silly o'clock, so do I. Laying on the charm, she said nobody makes a better sandwich (for her lunch) than I do...
  6. JackAndRob

    New bottles

    I don't do Facebook, but a very sad article was passed on to me about a bird keeper who recently bought some brand new spray bottles. They were washed out and then used to spray their birds. Within 30 mins, five of the six birds had died and the remaining one was immediately put under a long...
  7. JackAndRob

    Tuesday 29th October

    Morning all, Worcestershire is dry, bright, calm and cold today. The temperature at sun-up was just above the point where ice would have formed on Mrs JackAndRob's car. She'd give me the long face if that were the case, hoping I'd take pity and scrape her car, but no need today, so I could stay...
  8. JackAndRob

    Aloe vera

    Posting on an introductory thread about Eclectus parrots prompted me to add this one. Sorry, I forget who it was, but someone (Wendy?) recommended aloe vera to help with skin irritation at moult time. We took on that recommendation and bought Fushi branded organic aloe vera liquid. The main...
  9. JackAndRob

    For sale

    I am no expert, but this looks legit.
  10. JackAndRob

    Happy Birthday Basil

    Our beautiful Basil is 4 years old today. He was the first bird to join our family and he will always hold a special place in our hearts for that.
  11. JackAndRob

    After The Shower

    Dry bird really enjoys a shower, but doesn't like being wet bird. Dry bird wants a shower without becoming wet bird. Wet bird also shows how much plucking he did in his previous home and how those fur-like head feathers look rather sad when wet. Your new feathers will come soon enough. Be...
  12. JackAndRob

    Friday 6th September

    My goodness, people are a little behind today, so I will start things off. Good morning all. Worcestershire - quite cool, windy and the odd spot of rain. Quality time with the birds has had to be cut short as I have some conference calls coming up and the interference level from the flock...
  13. JackAndRob


    We've had our first budgie, Basil, for nearly four years. Ever since we can remember, he has this habit of discarding feathers. We put any dropped feathers from him and his three cage-mates on a table just outside his cage. When he comes to the table, foraging for seeds and treats, he carefully...
  14. JackAndRob

    Please Identify This Bird

    Can someone please identify this bird? I'm guessing conure, but I could be way off the mark!
  15. JackAndRob

    Leg Ring Problem?

    In the last couple of days Jessie's leg ring seems to irritate her and I have seen her bite it occasionally. I think it is a good fit with enough growing space in there. When she stood still enough for me to take a photo, I noticed that a few feathers were missing and bare skin was showing. The...
  16. JackAndRob


    Feeding Frankie and Jessie needed to investigate. To stop her diving into Frankie's cage for the food, Jessie was distracted with a head scratch. Budgies chattering in the background - they never stop!
  17. JackAndRob


    I see user names preceded by @ and can't see how to do it. Is it just a case of typing @username? Is this what is meant by tagging?
  18. JackAndRob

    Beak Shedding?

    I have noticed that a layer of Frankie's beak is peeling: Sorry that it is not the best photo (he's a bit camera shy), but there's a shadow under the flake, in the orange area of his beak. It is the same on both sides. It was not like this in a photo I took 3 days ago. His beak wasn't in the...
  19. JackAndRob

    New Flock Members

    We lost our beloved Jardine Jack on 25th June. We still keep a candle lit for him in the hope that he will return, but the chances of that happening now are very slim. I have always liked the male Eclectus parrot. I love their gentle nature, which hides their incredible intelligence. We were...
  20. JackAndRob

    Warning: Cute Baby Photo!

    Another budgie will soon be joining us. I knew it was a mistake getting a huge cage a couple of months ago! On the basis that the current residents are called Basil, Pepper and Chilli, I was expecting her to choose another herb/spice name, but she seems set on "Bubble" or "Bubbles" o_O She can...
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