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  1. Feathered Janique

    Building trust, reducing the threat 🦜

    I wrote a document on taming process and steps. I am planning on having a website in the future, so I just write on topics. (please do not copy as I worked very hard on this) Taming takes consistency, patience, and gentleness. If you don’t have these three, consider learning it because you will...
  2. Feathered Janique

    Lost African Grey behaviour

    Calling your bird could also help, when one bird calls, the other birds intsinct is to call back, I've never heard a African grey, but you can either imitate the noise or find an audio track of an African grey calling, I feel so bad for you, praying your bird comes back
  3. Feathered Janique

    Please help me!

    He may have a problem digesting food, can you send a picture of his poo, and tell us about his diet. A bad diet in a bird usually is the root cause of all bird sicknesses that deal with the stomach. Hope he gets well soon 😞
  4. Feathered Janique

    The vet doesn’t find solution

    I think beaks are made of keritin, same stuff as nails and hair. For good healthy karitin growth, protein is the answer, hope this helps and hope your bird gets well soon
  5. Feathered Janique

    Learning to fly wearing harness

    Try getting her to come on to your hand inside near her cage, see if she'll come on, if not, try getting her onto a spot at shoulder length, and get her onto your shoulder with a treat, remember outside is a new place so you'll have better luck inside which will help her when she gets out. Maybe...
  6. Feathered Janique

    I can draw your bird if you want

    I just recently got a phone, so unlike others I don't have bajallilion social media accounts at the age of of nine. Instead I have text and this at a much older age. I don't like how how technology has taken over people's brain
  7. Feathered Janique

    First five minutes of harness training!

    No, it's pretty much safe if you use it right, I'm just too scared to do it. That's why I said it's not bad. Sorry for my incorrect wording
  8. Feathered Janique

    I can draw your bird if you want

    You could probably do a screenshot? Not sure, not familier on how the forum is different in UK, anyway you get the picture is fine with me
  9. Feathered Janique

    First five minutes of harness training!

    I'd be too scared to bring my bird outside, it's not bad, just too scary for me
  10. Feathered Janique

    I can draw your bird if you want

    Looking for birds to draw!! Just send a picture of your bird/birds and give an ONE adjective of the style you want your picture. It's just a picture for you to keep and use for whatever you want. Here is some of my recent artwork May not be perfect but I like doing it
  11. Feathered Janique

    Newby..hull area..please help

    There is a thread with a article on whether you should have a parrot, think it's in the parrot chatter. But this is if you are getting a small parrot(remember that there are plenty of species of parrots to look into) and they awesome and easier to maintain. But I wanted to get you two links that...
  12. Feathered Janique

    Newby..hull area..please help

    I have two suggestions 1.maybe adopt a big bird, it is easy to find a big bird that is healthy and young, remember big birds live a long time, so even if it's ten years old, it's still super Young. But this deos not make the supplies for a big bird cheap 2. Instead of getting a macaw or...
  13. Feathered Janique

    Are lilac bushes safe or toxic to birds?

    Thank you do much, you've been very helpful. I'll be making perches very soon!!
  14. Feathered Janique

    Happy Hatchday Princess

    Aaaaww, some birb is super happy, bet she forgot her hatch day until you popped up and made her happy just like in the movies
  15. Feathered Janique

    I've not posted in a long time, sorry

    Hope this helps I know your bird is probably not attacking or anything too serious, but its probably best to prevent possible future situations.
  16. Feathered Janique

    I've not posted in a long time, sorry

    Some birds are one person birds,or prefer woman to men or the other way around. I'll know that, but I'll try to get more information
  17. Feathered Janique

    budgie breathing difficulty

    Most health problems derive from their diet, such as germs or fatty stuff. What is she eating? If her chest is swelled and it seems she is reurgatating, it might do her good to put a a drop or two of apple cider vinegar in her water.
  18. Feathered Janique

    Are lilac bushes safe or toxic to birds?

    I have a white lilac bush that is healthy and probably hasn't even seen pesticides, since my family don't use that and it stays hidden in our yard. But is it toxic? I want to use it for perches. I've looked at websites that have the lists, but it's so unclear about lilac bushes, I honestly just...
  19. Feathered Janique

    First five minutes of harness training!

    Wow, that's good. Means she's comfortable and her chest is not getting squished. I'm very surprised, she seems to be having fun
  20. Feathered Janique

    Bird boarding

    Maybe you could get a friend or family member? Probably not a useful suggestion, but then you know the person and they will let you teach them how to take care of your bird.
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