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  1. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Chooks are a bad lot!

    Ooh dummy eggs are a good idea, I never thought of that! 2 of their foraging toys are stuffed with greens and supplements and hung up. The other has mixed corn, mealworms, and mixed seeds in. :). Another one is a fruit pecking block.
  2. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Chooks are a bad lot!

    We go in first thing and 'save' what we can. Then we only get chance again later in the day as we're both full time. Just have to keep fingers crossed.
  3. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Chooks are a bad lot!

    Latest bad behaviour for this recent flock of rescue hens.... eating their own eggs! :crybaby2: They're already vampire cannibals who delight in ripping out each other's feathers to eat, then feasting of the blood of broken pin feathers. I'm just posting this as somewhere to vent my...
  4. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Monday 10th May

    Hi all, I remember seeing stuff about cicadas a few years ago. I think my issue would be scared of stepping on them! :eek: I can't stand the crunching of stuff bleurgh! Weather here is sunny, cloudy, wet dry, windy today. Birdies are loose in their room and I've just spied on the cctv, Gary is...
  5. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    blood tests

    About the same as Scott, £140 ish all in. That included anaesthesia though as our macaw was having another little procedure at the same time. He's had both done individually without. On small birds, they prefer no anaesthesia if poss due to the risk. I wouldn't have thought they'd take bloods...
  6. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Skin issues, legs and feet.

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I would say go and get him checked out by an avian vet, especially as there are open wounds. He may well need antibiotics? It could be a mite problem, and if he's itchy or sore he'll nibble and damage the skin. It would turn into a vicious circle. Also, if he's not...
  7. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Bruised beak?

    Aww little cutie. Don't be alarmed if there is some flaking of the top layers of the beak. I remember one of the times our Gary faceplanted the wall as a baby when he misjudged his landing. You couldn't see the bruise because of his black beak, but after a while the area flaked a bit so he had a...
  8. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Old Bird New Tricks

    Awww! That is adorable, she is such a clever girl. :heart1:
  9. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Parrots are fickle...

    A lot of parrot carers will obviously know these wierd little foibles, just thought if a new person was having a nosy on the site, it's another experience they may find helpful :lol:
  10. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Parrots are fickle...

    Mike was getting Bebe getting her cage, so she could have some time with me. However, when he opened the cage and offered his arm, she was screeching, growling and swiping for him. He swapped to his left arm and she immediately calmed and stepped up. Just wanted to post this to show that...
  11. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Scam alert! Please read

    @Zoe220615 really hope you get all your money back! We had another call allegedly from our IP today saying our broadband was having problems. I again strung them along for a while then told him I was bored of talking to a criminal and put the phone down. I still think a sharp blast on one of...
  12. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    2013 - 2021 Blue

    :heart-with-ribbon: so sorry, fly free Blue xxxx
  13. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo


    So sorry to hear this, fly free little Guinness :growing_heart:
  14. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    New Member

    :welcome:from us
  15. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Is his poop healthy?

    I agree with @Tonifrax he shouldn't still be eating the baby food. It would be like expecting an adult human to only drink baby formula. It is not good for physical or mental health. I can't add anything else to her explanation, she has covered it well. Also, I agree feed less fruit. A...
  16. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    What does your parrot eat every day?/How should I give oats to a parrot?

    We feed ours Harrisons High Potency pellets. 10 each in the morning, plus 5 Harrisons Power Treats with eg, 2 almonds and a hazelnut. These are put in a foraging tray with beech wood chips and wood chunks from toys. For their evening meal they get 6 Harrisons pellets each plus a veg mix. Nuts...
  17. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Is his poop healthy?

    That looks ok, colour and consistency will change depending on what he's eaten. Our birds poop is different in that there is not usually as much white urates, ours tend to mainly have clear urine with only small amounts of white. But that doesn't mean that there's a problem necessarily. Maybe...
  18. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    What does your parrot eat every day?/How should I give oats to a parrot?

    Hi, if you search the forums for the words chop or sprout, there will be tonnes of threads for you to search through! In the meantime though... some examples of chop I've made for my birds with a mix of veg and fruits. Eg, carrots, broccoli, courgettes, cauliflower, sweet potato, squash, chilli...
  19. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Can i consult something

    That looks like a great room he's got!
  20. MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo

    Can i consult something

    Possible reasons could be.... air fresheners, cleaning products for example. Does Pasha have a cover over the cage at night, had it been washed recently maybe using a scented softener? Using a HEPA air filtering system is good. Our macaws sometimes sneeze due to feather dust if they've been...
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