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  1. dianaT

    Tuesday 11th May

    Good morning - just about still morning Hope everyone is okay. Hubby off for his covid swab test later in readiness for his surgery Friday, maybe this time next week he will be back home, I don't know it depends on how well he does and can manage to walk. Sun & showers down here...
  2. dianaT

    Monday 10th May

    Good morning still a wet and windy one down here. Just heard disturbing news on the radio about Cicadas - an insect that hatches & lives underground and swarms emerge every 17yrs this is the year for them! Lucky for us (I hope) this happens in the Eastern part of the USA, so lets hope they...
  3. dianaT

    Sunday 9th May

    Good morning everyone, a breezy day rain has stopped but more is forecast. Golding to clean old goldfish shortly get it done while hubby is still able to help as he has his knee replacement op Friday should be in hospital up to 4 days so I am going to be kept busy here, of course no hospital...
  4. dianaT

    Tuesday 4th May

    Good morning After yesterdays awful weather today is sunny, not sure how long for though. I bought a very nice Sunflower plant that I shall plant in a large pot, in hindsight should have bought a couple more. Runner beans beans are sprouting well but need to get bigger before they get...
  5. dianaT

    Sad News . St. Lucia Parrot
  6. dianaT

    Monday 3rd May

    Good morning A very wet one here. Did anyone watch the final Line of Duty? If so what did you think. We found it very disappointing. Oh well have a nice Bank Holiday Monday even if it is wet.
  7. dianaT

    Adam Ant

    I just saw Adam Ant buying an ice cream. He asked for Standard Vanilla
  8. dianaT

    Sunday 2nd May

    Good morning everyone, a sunny but cold one down here. Just spoken to one of my grandsons who is 13 today, he sounds quite grown up, they live in Kent and not seen them since 2019 at the moment all being well they all plan to come down at Whitsun half term. It will be wonderful to see them...
  9. dianaT


  10. dianaT

    Saturday 1st May

    Good one up yet ???? It is May Day today then with Monday being the Bank Holiday . Dogs woke 5.35 barking wanting to go outside and play, so it's going to be a long day. Bright but frosty down here. Hope my runner beans I am growing from the Bean survived I had left them outside in...
  11. dianaT

    Friday 30th April

    Good morning Last day of April already and a Bank Holiday weekend ahead. It was sunny here but now is clouding over and there was frost on the fields earlier. Hubby gone to the hospital for the final part of pre op assessment - op booked for 2 weeks today. I have my 2nd covid jab this...
  12. dianaT

    Thursday 29th April

    Good morning, a damp one down here -well drizzle really not enough to soak the ground (famous last words!) Hubby has 2nd part of pre op assessment via phone this afternoon, he will ask for them to arrange OT to assess his home needs. He had his 2nd covid jab at GPs yesterday. A friend is...
  13. dianaT

    Tuesday 27th April

    Good morning, how is everyone, any news? I had phone call from GPs surgery yesterday 'to make my 2nd covid appointment' I said I was phoned about 10 days ago and given this Fri 30th 11.15am, she consulted her list and couldn't find me, so now I am booked for same day but 4.15pm. Some...
  14. dianaT

    Sunday 25th April

    Good morning everyone another nice sunny one here but boy is that easterly wind cold. Woken at 5.35 thanks to Max. Arthur just disappeared for 20mins or so, I went outside in the lane with the dog whistle he finally appeared from nearest neighbours licking his lips, goodness knows what he's...
  15. dianaT

    Wednesday 21st April

    Good afternoon, a bit cloudy down here today but still dry. Just had Tesco home shopping delivered and I seem to have missed off adding dog food luckily I do have enough for them until next delivery. I have just made a strawberry jelly with sliced fresh strawberries in not made one for a long...
  16. dianaT

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

    Wishing Her Majesty the Queen a Happy 95th Birthday.
  17. dianaT

    Max and Arthur

    Max with his ball just now and one of old Arthur. Wish I could snap them both together but Max dislikes his photo taken.
  18. dianaT

    Saturday 17th April

    Good morning, a frosty but sunny one down here. Well night time camera did not switch itself on at the Timer set so no recording last night but Brock has been back as there's more scraping of the lawn, must be looking for worms/slugs, he is welcome to the slugs that's for sure. I plan to watch...
  19. dianaT

    His Royal Highness Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

    Sad news. Rest Peacefully and thank you for serving our country.
  20. dianaT

    Hope this works, need sound on.

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