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  1. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 10th May

    I had wasps last year in my loft but like you only one got in my place each day until pest control removed the nest. Last month i had Bumble bees but they flew off to a new site after a week
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 10th May

    Good evening all, Had a new arrival two days ago, thought i will try to check my breeding equipment so i placed a few eggs in and one so far as hatched will have him/her for around two weeks until i can tell the sex, but awaiting to see if any of the other eggs will hatch. its ok i know the...
  3. Michael Reynolds

    Is This Really Possible?

    one of the parrots showing in my avatar is a hybrid with it's mother is a dyh amazon and the father was a yellow napped. ok they are both Amazons, too's and tirl's are of the same family so and when you think of cross breeding many people owe there lives to the canary
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Male african grey laid an egg!!!

    Have you checked the ring no on the leg matches the certificate? How long have you owned her? if it was after the African Grey became critically endangered you should have CITES paperwork that will state the sex of the bird, DNA testing can be wrong i have two males that DNA'd female and had a...
  5. Michael Reynolds

    blood tests

    i would not cancel the appointment as you vet should be able to tell you if it is an infection or mites and even if he thinks it is French moult by simple tests and the treatment may be under 50 pounds, a cockatiel that had mites i had taken to my vet and treated and cured for £27.49
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Skin issues, legs and feet.

    there are a few things that can cause it but i am pleased your bird is seeing an avian vet
  7. Michael Reynolds

    blood tests

    is it for your budgies? very few vets will be willing to take bloods from budgies owing to the chance of death, they will only take bloods if they fill it is the last resort
  8. Michael Reynolds

    Update and Needing advice

    Budgies are a lot smaller than cockatiels and they are more prone to shock or sudden death (even when just being handled). putting a budgie to sleep can be a high risk and is only done as a last resort, many vets will only take blood from a smaller bird if they cannot diagnose the problem and...
  9. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 5th May

    Good morning all Sunny and chilly out and the flock are in full voice this is me taken on Sunday with Ruby and Jackie
  10. Michael Reynolds

    Happy Birthday Carolyn_Rio

    happy belated birthday
  11. Michael Reynolds

    2013 - 2021 Blue

    fly free forever little Blue you will be missed x
  12. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 1st May

    Good morning all, chilly and bright out side, birds extra loud this morning, cleaner coming later, i hope you all have a good day
  13. Michael Reynolds

    Scam alert! Please read

    Oh Zoe how these frauds can trick people, I know just how you fill as i have been through a similar problem when lots of monies had been taken from my account through cloning of the card at a machine., yes it was a few thousand but i never recovered the monies. this happened the day before the...
  14. Michael Reynolds


    i am so sorry to hear of his parssing let Guinness fly high at rainbow bridge
  15. Michael Reynolds

    Day out at Banham zoo

    i will be careful you may get the reputation of being a dirty stop out by going out to see your friends daily :hearts1:
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Young kakariki sleeping on floor of cage...

    you can try putting a flat platform perch up higher in the cage to see if your bird will fill safer resting on a flat surface than a perch or even better provide a nest box as it is what i recommend for kakariki (clown parrot) owners
  17. Michael Reynolds

    Tuesday 27th April

  18. Michael Reynolds

    Day out at Banham zoo

    So pleased that you have been able to go out and how lovely to go and see your zoo and its animals
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