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  1. Shirley

    Tuesday 9th April 2019

    Hi Kendra im sorry your move is not going so well by the sounds of things hun i do hope things improve for you and your birdy's , so not good the radio going down as like Scooby Doo they miss things but yet hate change . Got Scooby's cage F10 down it took an hour to do in starts ans stops lol...
  2. Shirley

    Tuesday 9th April 2019

    Hi Jude yes i agree the stress has been dreadful with one thing and another , we would love more good new's with you and i and everyone thats going through a rough time ,this would make me so very happy Jude we all deserve a brake hun , tell Chiko anutie shirl will come sort him and give him a...
  3. Shirley

    Tuesday 9th April 2019

    Morning everyone , good look at the doctors Nigel also with the other appointment hun im sure the hospital will get you sorted out sending loads of hugs your way . Wow Di sounds like you have a busy few weeks bless you , how is your daughter doing i seem to remember back and remember some bless...
  4. Shirley

    Need Participants For My Dissertation Study!

    Hi Essie i have tryed to do the survey but it keeps coming up with problems with questions 7 8 9 i only put i answer in each row but it won't allow me to continue hun, i sill try again don't worry a little later .
  5. Shirley

    Saturday 30th March

    Morning e everyone well the sun is shining looks like its going tobe a nice day wasted on me as been up all night had a bad head for weeks now and a very soar jaw to go with it parcetamol not touching me in any shape or form could be stress related i think tem going up and down loke a bloody...
  6. Shirley

    Friday 29th March

    Evening everyone Nigel thats brilliant news keep up the good work . Jude why did the power go off hun you got bad weather down there lol , Tash how did your MOT go yeasterday hun do hope it passed . Well Tom back to work Tuesday not Wednesday lol i seem to loose day's some how rofl . Scooby got...
  7. Shirley

    Thursday 28th March

    Evening everyone , well been round Scunthorpe in my wheelchair with Tom pushing me tryed to have a bit of lunch hmm not in the mood for food at the moment it will soon pick up says me lol . Nigel hope all went well at the doctors for you hun . Scooby missed his bath this week but he will get one...
  8. Shirley

    Tuesday 26th March

    Morning Nigel ' Di ' Michael and all who follows . Well it looks over cast this morning , Tom is going on his serch for somemore fish for his tank at some point to day as some are dying off so he is goi g to be pushing me in my wheel chair as walking takes my breath away at the moment . Scooby...
  9. Shirley

    Monday 25th March

    Ararajuba the thing is im not on chemo thrapy hun , if you look in members chat all will be exsplained the best way i can as im not very good at exsplaining lol . Hope your mum's cancer never returned its so hard for anyone to cope with mentaly or other wise bless.
  10. Shirley

    Monday 25th March

    I think its a wounderful thing your doing for the children Michael , i love chatting with you all and have missed you all so much . Yes Tom say's i should try and get some normality back now . How are you doing Jude will give you a ring also tomorrow if ok . Michael how do i pm you on my tablet...
  11. Shirley

    Monday 25th March

    Aww Tash hope things improve for you asp hun , so sorry to here your back is playing up trying to get rest is impossible when the birdy's call you as i know with Scooby he constantly call's me but im that carry packred at time i just ignor and try and rest through him calling hehe .Will give you...
  12. Shirley

    Monday 25th March

    I have missed you all so much Di its just been such a nasty end and begining of the year and didn't want to burden you all with my problems that was all. Tom & i have had a lot of heart ach to contened with .. I tryed down loading Tapertalk on my phone its changed so much as well i don't know...
  13. Shirley

    Monday 25th March

    Good evning everyone , Michael that picture or paper look's fantastic i love it . Well had a long day but settling down rudy football on again so dockamentrys it is rofl . Tom cleaned Scooby Doo out and all Scooby could shout was Shirley haha he very rearly shouts Tom . Nigel a rest in the day...
  14. Shirley

    Sat 23rd

    Hi Michael im pmsl at that hahaha , when i receve a call names come up with people i know if a number comes up with someone i don't i take it out the room as Scooby has a habit of shouting hello . To be fair if they know i have Scooby it would be far simple to blame my baby boy and i won't give...
  15. Shirley

    Sat 23rd

    Hi Jude the lung specalist is just asking as i have not told them i have my baby boy also told them that we dont keep any animals , i pearsonaly think they are just looking for exuses Jude . No we dont have a purifier as i clean Scooby's cage with f10 every day now it takes me a while but i get...
  16. Shirley

    Sat 23rd

    Afternoon everyone , weather sunny but cold but there again im always cold lol . Scooby Doo been a very good boy im trying to gather some breath to get him up for a shower as Tom has never sprayed him and i don't know hos he would react to him doing him lol . We went to breakfast club this...
  17. Shirley

    Tuesday 19th March

    Morning Nigel ' Di everyone . Weather sunny but cold at least the wind has gone and rain at the moment we have a new green house to buy it was only a plastic one but they still know how to charge for them lol . Nigel hope you get your swollowing sorted out once and for all it can not be nice or...
  18. Shirley

    Friday 15th March

    Evening everyone , well the weather has been crazy that i will agree on , Humber bridge down to 30mp and also closed to high sided lorries this is been in place now for sometime . The winds have been dreadfull they have kept Tom awake but aha i use ear plugs due to next door unless i can not...
  19. Shirley

    Hey Guys

    Hi Pally how's thing's ? Nice to see you back x.
  20. Shirley

    Sunday 10th March

    Hi Di , the winds and hail rain you name it came this afternoon lol , i was at my son's when it decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at us. Hope you are all ok as we are on an amber warning in North Linclonshire . I have missed everyone on here so much but my tablet play's up or cant...
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