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    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Update; I have just brought another addition to my parrot family to keep Cookie some company while i am at work. Its going to be a struggle trying to get them together and also fun. Wish me luck
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    Thanks Michael, and yes he is really stunning. I wish circumstances were different, i would have trained him and got him a partner so he didnt feel like this. I just really hope he doesnt have to suffer for long like this and ends up going to a really good home with other birds. I have noticed...
  3. Hi

    Lol. Im not forcing anybody
  4. Hi

    Forgot to mention i have certicate for him too
  5. Hi

    Hi, I have a untamed Albino IRN (Cookie) which I purchased 4 months ago along with Blue (silly tamed) which flew away leaving Cookie on his own. I have tried my best to tame Cookie but due to lack of time im unable to Anymore. I have also started my new job which keeps me away from home for 14...
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