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  1. old cynic

    Monday 22nd

     Morning Lou and everyone else . :thumbsup: Nice morning here ,so were going up to Hornsea to  do some more at the caravan. Weve a  bit more cleaning to do  and yesterday we had a good dig in the birds big  toy box under the stairs ,coz we need a lot more toys for the cage at the caravan ...
  2. old cynic

    Tasch and the pigeon

    Yes Tascha, best way work from home today? Sent from my B1-830 using Tapatalk
  3. old cynic

    Tasch and the pigeon

    Tascha you didn't need to do all that to get some choccy cake ?? Irene would have made you one ☺ But seriously now Tascha we hope everything goes OK for you on Tuesday when you go back? Sent from my B1-830 using Tapatalk
  4. old cynic

    Tasch and the pigeon

    My goodness Tascha,you don't do things by halves do you? Hope it heals quickly,?? Sent from my B1-830 using Tapatalk
  5. old cynic

    Tasch and the pigeon

    I guess she's took a good fall !!! Hope she's OK ? Sent from my B1-830 using Tapatalk
  6. old cynic

    Some Exciting News

     I think its a brilliant idea Scarlett  :thumbsup: Coz while peeps are looking for birdie things they can look for other things  for their other pets too :thumbsup:
  7. old cynic

    Sunday 21st Feb

     Morning all, its raining here . Going out shopping pm then we might go to Papas for a fish and chips tea :wink: . Tims still sitting, but the good thing is shes coming out to eat :thumbsup: so we guess he aint feeding her enough :dntknw: . Having said that theres  a lot of squeaking...
  8. old cynic

    Fly Free Charlee Girl

    So sorry to read this Julie. No one could have tried any harder then you've done with her Julie Our thoughts are with you [emoji253] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. old cynic

    Friday 19th February

    Morning all [emoji106] Frosty one here too. SJ happy families are on Fairy Liqid adverts only [emoji85] Irene and me are going into town to The History Centre . Then we will go for something to eat in town too [emoji106] Have a good day all [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Oh and it's...
  10. old cynic

    Thursday 18th Feb

     Morning all sunny one here :thumbsup: Which is a good job as I have a leak in the garage roof that I need to repair asap . Tims now sitting tighter. That's fine till she decides to come out for a ba-ba  :smiley-signs131: ..Boy this it come with some pressure and if its not shifted...
  11. old cynic

    Hope I Can Learn A Lot Here!

     Hi and welcome to the forum :thumbsup: . We struggled for years to put pics up :dntknw: then my wife got an I Phone and we do em really easy now  through tapatalk :thumbsup:
  12. old cynic

    Valentines Day

    Morning all [emoji106] I bought Irene a Valentines card and she bought me one [emoji106]Today I'm taking the Perspex plastic sheets off behind the grey dudes cage and renewing them . They've been up a year or two but they really are a godsend at stopping low flying pommies and other fruit...
  13. old cynic

    The Deep

    Yes we have the tickets to keep going back for a year too, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. old cynic

    The Deep

    Scarlett we was there ages at the tank looking for him and by the pic you've put up we deffo neither saw him or Elvis [emoji22] But the tanks are massive aren't they Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. old cynic

    The Deep

    Yesterday we went to The Deep here in Hull [emoji106] We were hoping to see Scarlett's Gabriel . We found his tank (the catfish tank [emoji106]) but well it is a very very big tank !!!!were were there ages hoping to see him but unless he's not as red as his pic on the side makes out we...
  16. old cynic

    Wednesday 10th

    Afternoon all It's dry and bright here [emoji106] What a beautiful looking conure [emoji106]Irene's been upstairs cleaning the bedroom windows with her Karcher[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]What have I been doing this morning ?Safeguarding the caravan ceiling from beaks [emoji85]...
  17. old cynic


     Weve just got home from the caravan and all the time we were there it hammered down !!. The roads were swimming in places coming home and going over a bridge the water was just about at the top of the bank .
  18. old cynic

    Saturday 6th Feb

    I will keep you posted on it SJ[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. old cynic

    Newark Show

    [emoji86][emoji85][emoji87]lol . I'd forgot about that pic [emoji122] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. old cynic

    Newark Show

     Know what Tasch I often think about that aviary we were all in at Stafford :lol: Imagine putting that up in the back garden :dntknw: :lol: You could tell the neighbours you were planning on keeping monkeys in that :scare: :lol:
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