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  1. Ann-Marie

    Hello All New Members

    I haven't been online for a bit and there are so many new members I thought it would be easier to say hello to you all at once. Hope you,all settle in and enjoy the forum xx
  2. Ann-Marie

    Monday Again

    Well hood morning everyone, don't these mondays come round quick. Off to work for me now and probably won't be home till late. Have a good day whatever you are doing xx
  3. Ann-Marie


    Hi, John's daughter has found a baby magpie that has fallen out of the nest but with no parents in sight.  Unfortunately, the dogs were attacking it so she has picked it up and taken it home.  Apparently, its very young and she is going to try and feed it. Anyone any ideas what to do with it? xx
  4. Ann-Marie


    Well I,wasn't for getting up this morning. The alarm is still ringing in my ears,now lol. Anyway have a good day everyone xx
  5. Ann-Marie


    How hard was it to get out of bed this morning. Only two more days then I'm having a good rest this weekend.<br /><br />Not going to get much chance to catch up with posts till weekend.<br /><br />Have a lovely day everyone xx
  6. Ann-Marie


    So tired this morning. I left at seven yesterday morning and didn't get home to nearly eight so as you can imagine I can't even keep My eyes open this morning.<br /><br />I have full intentions of finishing much sooner tonight.<br /><br />Weather is...... Still to dark to tell lol<br /><br...
  7. Ann-Marie


    Morning all. Well it feels like a Monday with having yesterday off.<br /><br />Weather here is blooming cold this morning lol xx
  8. Ann-Marie


    Morning. I'm getting more tired by the day. I can't wake up at all today.<br /><br />I only have today and tomorrow to get through then I'm off till Tuesday xx
  9. Ann-Marie


    Morning everyone. Another day dawns. I'm shattered and we aren't even at the mid way point yet. I could have grown that alarm out the window today. Anyway onwards and upwards as they say xx
  10. Ann-Marie


    Morning all. Woke up this morning at seven with Brian banging his head on the ceiling. There went the lazy morning xx
  11. Ann-Marie

    Friday At Last

  12. Ann-Marie


    Unfortunately little Ben passed away. Ben is Michaels little bird and will be sadly missed. You might have missed the story buried away in other posts but Michael was doing everything he could for the little fella xxxxxx
  13. Ann-Marie

    Goodnight Xx

    We used to have an ongoing goodnight thread but I haven't seen it for a while and couldn't find it so thought I would start a new one. So..... I'm off to bed so goodnight those of you that are still up xx
  14. Ann-Marie


    I'm just,about managed to drag myself out of bed this morning but I'm still on auto pilot. Its still very dark yet. Busy day ahead. Have a good one everyone xx
  15. Ann-Marie


    Looking for some inspiration. Where is a good place to go and stay at a reasonable price and where is the best place to book it? Xx
  16. Ann-Marie


    Nearly there now it will soon be weekend. Enjoy your day everyone xx
  17. Ann-Marie


    Well looks like its all on the melt today. Had a bit of a lie in this,morning so only just getting up. Still full if a cold unfortunately. Hope you have a lovely Sunday everyone xx
  18. Ann-Marie

    Weather Warning

    Got a weather warning from work today about the snow on Friday. Apparently the snow is going to be quite. Fortunately Im off work but unfortunately we are have the new patio door fitted in the Parrot room xx
  19. Ann-Marie


    Thankfully its Friday. I'm bog eyes this morning so looking for a nice lazy morning tomorrow. They have been long days this week. Enjoy your Friday people xx
  20. Ann-Marie

    Tuesday 8th Jan

    Morning everyone. I was up nice and early this morning to get to work. Things are mad busy this week so it will be early mornings and late finished again. Enjoy your day everyone xx
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