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  1. Gianos

    Hi Newbie To Forum

  2. Gianos

    Paradise park

    Wow amazing!! 😮
  3. Gianos


    @erithacus Καμία συμβουλή/προειδοποίηση/ιδέα;
  4. Gianos


    No, the pet shop owner told me that someone is interested in giving 1 or 2 baby cockatiels because he has too many of them. It is not a business, it is the first time he is giving a bird. Yes I will go to the person's house to sit and talk about the birds and generally chat... I will for sure...
  5. Gianos


    No he has never sold any other bird. He asked the pet shop owner who I was going to buy the cockatiel from if anyone is interested in cockatiels because he got 9 babies.All the birds he has are for him and he treats them really well, it is not business (Since the cockatiels are too young the pet...
  6. Gianos


    Thanks everyone, he is an expert on parrots and has everything... Cockatoo, African Grey, Amazons and all smaller parrots all tamed and no wing clipping at all...he is an expert. I will make sure the bird is checked and of course I will take the bird when it will be able to eat on it's own.I...
  7. Gianos


    Hello everyone, recently I went to buy a new cockatiel. Sadly someone else had already bought it... Eventually the owner knew someone who has a huge collection of parrots like cockatiels and many baby cockatiels. So later this month I will go to his house again and pick my new cockatiel. They...
  8. Gianos

    My little girl died

    Don't worry keep your head up. Nothing is permanent, happiness, anger... They all start and end eventually. So sad to hear that... What I would do though is take her to the pet shop and let her choose whatever she likes.
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