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  1. Dolly

    To All Birdie Mummies..

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you. I hope the fids behave themselves ? Bill made this for me. Made me laugh. Frankie does say those words to me all the time, and Chunky does beep beeps like roadrunner! 
  2. Dolly

    I Do Not Have Fleas!

    This is so funny I had a good belly laugh. Betty is sooooo not happy about the bath.
  3. Dolly

    Get Me Outta Here!

    We've had an awful couple of days on the forum. Lots of sad and tragic events. I thought I would try to lift the mood a little. As all parrot owners know, when the home is silent, something naughty is going on. I've just caught Frankie in this video trying to let his brother out of his cage...
  4. Dolly

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    I received my painting from Shane today. I am so so pleased with it. He's done a great job! I will go out and find a lovely frame for it at the weekend. Once Chunky has finished molting I really would like him to do one of him so I will have the pair of them on my wall. Trouble is, I don't...
  5. Dolly

    Ipad And Icloud Problem

    Is there anyone here who knows how to get a video from iCloud on my iPad onto a new thread on this forum? It's driving me crazy. When I start a new thread and click the button for adding photos etc, it brings up all the folders with other photos but not the ones that have been added to iCloud...
  6. Dolly

    Where Has It Gone?

    I posted a thread about colour preferences yesterday but now I can't find it. I think I put it in general chat, but it's not there. :(
  7. Dolly

    Was I Right Or Wrong?

    Like every other weekend, I had my 8yr old grandaughter stay over. She is very good with birds and has a close friendship with Chunky who likes to nest in her very long hair. Since Frankie has arrived I have made her approach him with caution for her own safety and also to ensure Frankie...
  8. Dolly

    Friday 29Th May

    Good morning all. Dull and cloudy in Essex this morning. Hopefully the sun will break through later. I've not been feeling too good the last couple of days. Very sore throat with that nasty painful tingling at the back of the nose. It even gave me a headache last night which is very rare for...
  9. Dolly

    Thursday 21St May

    Good morning all. No more sleeps!!! Frankie comes home today. :biggrin: Everything is ready. Toys and water in cage. The breeder is bringing the food he is used to to start off with. I would like to thank Lisa (divegirl) so much for giving me her phone number in case I need help before...
  10. Dolly

    First Things First

    This is going to seem a bit daft but, my breeder is bringing Frankie over to me at around 1pm tomorrow which will be great as I will get at least 3hrs alone with him. I'm just not sure what whether to sit next to him and wait for him to make the first move or, should I get straight into handling...
  11. Dolly

    Monday 18Th May

    Good morning all, Dull and cloudy here. I hope the sun shows its face later. Only three more sleeps until Frankie comes home. :biggrin: when I told my breeder we wouldn't be able to pick him up until Bill finishes work, she has kindly offered to bring him over herself as we are so close...
  12. Dolly


    I am having problems accessing your Facebook page. Only occasionally does the link button show up on top right of the page. I tried going onto Facebook and searching for the parrot club but turned up with nothing. Maybe it's my iPad playing up?
  13. Dolly


    Bill (my husband) and I, we're just talking about our decision to get a baby African grey. We are both very excited at the prospect. Now, he often comes out with the daftest things, but this has to take the crown. He is a little bit apprehensive at his ears being nibbled by a big black beak...
  14. Dolly


    I drink bog standard Nescafé instant coffee with skimmed milk and two sweeteners. I have read over the last few weeks that all of these things should be kept away from parrots. So far, I have caught chunky swigging from my coffee mug. All my own fault as I get distracted and forget. Thankfully...
  15. Dolly

    Hello From Essex

    Hi everyone Its great to find a forum for us British bird fans. many years ago, i owned a orange winged Amazon and cockatiels. this was before i married a New Zealander and ran off to NZ and Australia.  since returning in 2009, i have become a disabled wheelchair user. because i spend most of...
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